Don’t Despair! All the World’s a Stage.

  Early this month, I had the wonderful experience of directing two original pieces with the Estrogenius Festival at Manhattan Theater Source. This weekend, The Source sent an email to the participants letting us know that at the end of 2011, after 12 years, they will no longer have a home at 177 MacDougal. Another … Continue reading Don’t Despair! All the World’s a Stage.

Move a Muscle, Change a Thought

Tonight, Ian and I finally made it to Godspell at Circle on the Square. Why finally? Well, as in any show that we are involved in, whether producing, directing, designing, etc., we always go on opening night. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it there as we are in rehearsals for another show, See How They Run. … Continue reading Move a Muscle, Change a Thought

NYC Theatre (or Theater)

Living in NYC offers many opportunities for the theater artist (i.e., actor, director, playwright, producer, etc.) . And it's all at your reach. You don't even need to focus on one area...of the art or the city. This year was a special theater year for me. Not only did I beat my own record for seeing shows … Continue reading NYC Theatre (or Theater)

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