Rant I: Ugh, Just Respect the Work

This week I rant about audience members not respecting theater.  I wanted to see The Mountaintop with Angela Bassett and Samuel L. Jackson  since September. I got to see it this week in a nick of time as it closed this past weekend. The experience of seeing movie stars work on the stage, in the flesh,  is extra special for me. … Continue reading Rant I: Ugh, Just Respect the Work

Shrink Your Budget or Lose Money!

If you have goals, strive for them. They are achievable. If you have a desire, believe in it. It will manifest. If you have fear, face it. It doesn't control you. My Round Robin is a desire that I had, a goal I wanted to achieve. I am glad that I was able to do … Continue reading Shrink Your Budget or Lose Money!

Was That Random?

I love when not so random things connect. Today my sister and I went to see Wicked (LOVED!). Before seeing the show, we stopped by Ken Davenport's office - Godspell's fearless leader - to pick up some promotional items. We saw the show and then had dinner. Having dinner post-matinee and pre-evening show is always … Continue reading Was That Random?

Happy New You!

You know what's crazy? The resolves should be listed everywhere. And you know what's also crazy? I was reviewing the past year and saw that I really attempted to live by those words. It's a good thing I didn't read about it a year ago. Here's a quick recap of the past year: Changed gears … Continue reading Happy New You!

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