Random Musings I

Sometimes I have nothing to write about but I know if I don't write something then that muscle will not be exercised. Mostly this week has been full of one timers for me. 1. I didn't watch the Oscars because I didn't see any of the movies that were nominated. I have been so focused on … Continue reading Random Musings I

Gotta Love a Matinee!

This past weekend, Ian's show The Man Who Came To Dinner opened with the Parkside Players. I helped with House Management because 1. I was going to be there anyway, 2. I knew how important the show was for Ian, and 3. they needed extra hands. Plus, I do enjoy ushering and chatting with the … Continue reading Gotta Love a Matinee!

Whitney, Godspell, The Man Who Came To Dinner

What do the three have in common? A person walks into the lives of others and changes them forever. I was all ready to write about what an exciting theater week we'll be having when I got the news of Whitney Houston passing. There was much to say about her on Facebook. I actually had a bit of a fight on … Continue reading Whitney, Godspell, The Man Who Came To Dinner

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