Twelfth Night, Estrogenius and Death!

I’m not sure how today got away from me. I am officially in pre-production for a show and a festival!

Today, I finalized that email for our upcoming auditions of Twelfth Night I have already been receiving emails with great interest about auditions so that always makes me feel good.

I am also the Marketing Director for this year’s Estrogenius Festival with Manhattan Theatre Source. Some of you may remember me gushing about the amazing experience I had directing one of their plays last fall. I want to do a good job and learn as I go. Yesterday we interviewed candidates for a few internships.  I am thrilled to be a part of this project.

But wait! There’s more! Before Twelfth Night and Estrogenius, there is one more show. This one is Done to Death with the Parkside Players. My role in that one is House Manager Extraordinaire with a dash of Publicity.

Stay tuned as the next couple of months will be a blur but in a good way.

Oh and can you believe Ian and I scheduled vacation in the midst of this?!

Time’s A-Ticking

I was Upstate New York this past weekend and in one word it was lovely. It was just the right amount of time for me to reset myself like an alarm clock. What is the right amount of time to reset? I am not sure. It depends on the situation. Sometimes it’s a day, sometimes a few days, sometime a year. I never actually spent a full year resetting myself. I have dreamt of disappearing for a while and emerging fresh and new. However, I realized this past week, that time really is relative.

I had two separate conversations on the same topic. For one person, a year had gone by and it seemed like yesterday. We all had that feeling. Oh my god, where did a year go??? Yet, in the other conversation, the same year felt like an eternity ago. Was that a year ago???  Then I started thinking about where I was a year ago. I was transitioning out of my old job into my new one, being a matron-of-honor, consulting with my mentor about my theater career. Then I thought about now. And where I am now.  I am still at my new job which is far from new (because a year has flown by), an aunt excited for two nephews’ first birthdays, and in pre-production for a few shows this year.

Time is always on my mind to the point of it ruling my life. I have been setting goals with timelines since I was 14. I can give myself a goal with a timeline in no…time.  The pros of setting a deadline is that I have achieved many of my dreams within the designated time frame (received my degrees, created my theater company, got my Broadway credit). The cons though is that I feel like I am always chasing… time.  So when a desire doesn’t happen right when I want it to, I start to feel anxiety. Then I remind myself that everything happens in it’s own…time.

This week I want you to pick two goals for yourself and set a deadline for them. Remember it’s not the destination but the journey.

Here’s two of my favorite songs about time:

Anthrax’s Time:

Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time:

Give Yourself 21 Days!

I just finished the 21 Day Meditation Challenge with the Chopra Center yesterday. It takes 3 weeks of  “consistent behavior to change a habit or create a new one, such as establishing a regular exercise routine, eating a healthier diet, or taking time each day for self-care”. This is so true. It has been easier for me to adjust to a healthier lifestyle by making  this commitment. It isn’t easy and I am far from perfect. However, I committed and I did the challenge to the best of my abilities. Meditation is something I really wanted to embrace but was a bit scared to start. Focusing can be a problem.  I would begin and then without fail,  my mind would wander and I would have to bring it back. It did get better as I did every day. I even want to go hide in my office and meditate. I enjoy the silence. I find that I don’t fly off the handle as much anymore. I just try to find stillness.

The other committment I made is being a part of The Daily Challenge. It “promotes everyday well-being by encouraging the small actions and fostering the social ties that drive meaningful change.”  There are different tracks like Conquering Clutter, Money Matters and Agile Back. Every day you are given a challenge that helps with your well-being. I have been doing this for about 5 months. So far, I have been able to de-clutter my home and get rid of junk (I also watch Hoarders which completely freaks me out); get on a budget; and not have as much back pain through doing yoga.

I also try to do something theater related every day. That can be blogging, seeing a show, advising others on their show, thinking about new projects. When I do that, I don’t find myself pulling away from what I love.  It is always fresh in my head.

So find something you want to do and commit yourself to doing it for 21 days. It could be anything. You will see and feel the difference.


Rejection with a Capital “R”

Rejection is one of the worst feelings to endure especially when they happen in quick succession. Whether it’s not getting a response to an email, finding out news through the grapevine, or being told no, deciding how to address the rejection isn’t that easy.

This past week, there was an event I really wanted to go to but I couldn’t get the time from my job. In this case, I asked for advice. No truly is a complete sentence. It was in my best interest not to attend the event. I had to weigh the consequences as well as the benefits. The consequences outweighed the benefits.  Sometimes what I am interpreting as rejection may be an expiration date. That’s hard to stomach at times but I also have to be a realist. I, again, have to weigh the circumstances.  Not everything lasts forever though that’s what I want. Or is it?

Then I had to take a moment and look at the opposite of rejection. For me, it’s inclusion. In quick succession, I realized how fortunate I am to be included in something bigger than myself. Plus it’s my choice how I handle both.

And with that, I have to remember that everything comes with its opposite.

If you are free on Tuesday, I am doing a staged reading of Pirandello’s Sicilian Limes at The Players Club.

Also, stay tuned for info on our auditions for Twelfth Night!