A Birthday Post (and thank you!)

Ian and I are celebrating our birthday today. We have shared our birthday for the last 14 years. It’s interesting as I had a resentment about it for about 5 years. I took issue with not having a holiday all to myself…which in retrospect is pretty egotistical and sh****y. So I apologize to Ian for feeling that way. I am not that person anymore. I love that we share this special day and that our parents can relish in it together. It’s nice to get those calls and emails all at once (HI DADDY)! We personally get a kick out of the weather that day. It was windy at 3:30am when Ian decided to make his grand entrance and it rained at 1:3opm when I decided to make front page news!

This morning I thought to myself how easy it is to share a birthday. We don’t have to celebrate on different days. Our families can send two birthday cards at once. Our friends can send us beautiful posts at the same time. Luckily, we have similar tastes so we both wanted to see Motley Crue and KISS on Saturday. Plus we were both gung ho about going in make-up. Next month we are seeing Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson because we want to not because we feel obligated to each other.  AND Ian was psyched that I wanted my version of surf and turf for dinner tonight (I opt for shrimp rather than lobster).

So I would like to thank everyone who sent us cards, texts, emails, and Facebook love! Please know that we read every one of those posts. Much love to all of you!

Happy Birthday, Ian. Here’s to a whole lotta more…so much a lot. xoxoxoxo

Courage! What makes a king out of a slave?

L’Shana Tova, friends. I love new years because that means a fresh start. And since there’s many of them within our calendar year, who says we have to wait until the usual January 1st. We can start making changes now like facing…fear.

So… I saw the pic on the right on Facebook and nearly choked.  And then received this in my in box yesterday morning and had to stop and think:            ” Courage is fear that has said its prayers.”  And then read one and sighed: Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.~Mark Twain

Okay. What’s the message I am receiving this week? To watch The Wizard of Oz? To dig deep within my soul and psyche? That I have fears? Ugh…not one to put  my insecurities and fears on display, the Facebook pic hit home because it is true.  I have jokingly  said that I look good on paper.  When we write our resumes, go on interviews, meet people for the first time, we are most certainly showing our highlight reel. It takes a ton of courage to essentially say  “Here’s the best of me and why you want to know me, become my best friend, maybe be fortunate enough to get close enough to hear my deep dark secrets!” However, how often to we really open up and share what’s really happening in our lives.  A friend of mind once made a comment that I have it all together. I had to laugh because no one goes home with me at night.  No one truly knows what goes on behind closed doors in anyone’s life. For me, I have to live in the present and not let my insecurities and fears derail me.

I personally think that courage is moving through fear.  One of my biggest fears is failure. I removed failure out of my vocabulary because I was giving the word too much power.  Once I removed failure as a default, I was able to accomplish what I wanted to do.  Especially as an artist. This is a business where FAILING is told to you over and over.  Now I just do what I want to do and if it doesn’t work out, at least I know I had the courage to try.

I guess my lesson of the week is to face some fears of which I may not be aware. And to watch The Wizard of Oz!

What’s your fear? Who’s brave enough to post a comment?!

The Wizard of Oz Poster

In Gratitude


The city is quiet and thoughtful today. Respectful. Reflective.

Beneath the buildings, the grit, the bawdiness lies bedrock.  Billions of years old.  The core of the city and earth.

Under the surliness, sass, the crassness lies humility,  compassion,  allegiance.

A dichotomy.
A paradox.
New York City.

My hometown.


Join the EstroGenius Evolution!

A year ago, I had the opportunity to work with an amazing theater company, Manhattan Theatre Source. I directed Elizabeth Irwin’s Origin with Joane Cajuste and Nick Radu for their Estrogenius Festival. I had passed their home on 177 MacDougal for about a decade not knowing that they were there. Everything happens for a reason because clearly, I wasn’t supposed to walk into their doors or they weren’t supposed to welcome me with open arms until last year. Fast forward to now. I am not directing this time but am their Marketing Director for their 13th Year!!! One of my early posts was about them losing their home on MacDougall. Instead of giving up, these Estrobabes pushed harder and worked diligently to make sure that the female artist is heard and seen. We hear so much about the Fringe and other festivals here in NYC but EstroGenius is a special kind of festival. All volunteers. All doing this for the passion of theater… Below is the information regarding our current campaign. We have 6 weeks to raise $65o0! Please join us in the evolution 🙂

EstroGenius is a month-long celebration of female voices. What debuted in 2000 as a two-week festival with a program of ten short plays and music has grown into a multi-week event including short plays, solo shows, music, visual art, dance, teen performances, and stand-up comedy. It’s the largest, most inclusive festival of its kind in New York City and we’re excited to be in our 13th year! 

The festival’s mission is to support the development of new works and emerging artists in a variety of disciplines. We accept short play submissions from across the country and around the world, from male and female, gay, straight, transgender, white, black, Latino and Asian artists ranging in age from twelve to eighty years old. Production decisions are tempered by the knowledge that diverse contributions strengthen our artistic integrity. Similarly, directors, designers, actors and others are pulled from all walks of life and the subject matters addressed span sexual and cultural boundaries.