What I Learned from Hurricane Sandy

First off, much love and thoughts go out to those who were affected by Sandy.

Second, here’s what I learned from Sandy:

1. The howl of the wind is pretty frightening.

2. Always have extra snacks because it never fails. The craving and necessity of Cherry Garcia and Funyons at 1am is undying.

3. My sweet haven, Rockaway Beach, has been damaged. Maybe having a bungalow out there isn’t such a good idea.

4. Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Christie have two very different styles of leadership.

5. When the feeling of stir crazy starts to set in, just open the window for 5 minutes.

6. Thank god for the internet and cell phones. For those who think technology is the devil, those were back-up resources to landlines that were down.

7. I am happy I live on a hill and will remember that when I walk home in disgust.

8. New Yorkers are resilient.

9. When times are tough, the outpouring of love and support exists.

10. If there was ever a doubt of something bigger than us, hmmm, I’d say this hurricane reminded us.

One Year Anniversary of Malinism

And in that year I have learned so much as an artist and as me.   Many thanks for your comments and thoughts. They are great!


EstroGenius Festival opens next month. If you are in the NYC area, check us out. Info is below:

Who Says 13 Isn’t Lucky?
EstroGenius, the month-long celebration of female voices,
celebrates its 13th year with fresh faces and a new home

The New York Times raved that EstroGenius “lives up to its billing as a celebration of women’s work”

Manhattan Theatre Source presents EstroGenius, a multi-week event including short plays, solo shows, music, visual art, dance, teen performances, and stand-up comedy. The entirely volunteer-run festival is created by a team of committed producers, great scripts, inspired directors, talented actors, magical designers, competent stage managers, and passionate supporters.

What debuted in 2000 as a two-week festival with a program of ten short plays and music has grown into the largest festival of its kind in New York City. The festival’s mission is to support the development of new works and emerging artists in a variety of disciplines. EstroGenius accepts short play submissions from across the country and around the world, from male and female, gay, straight, transgender, white, black, Latino and Asian artists ranging in age from twelve to eighty years old.

The EstroGenius Festival – November 8th to December 1st, 2012

12 short-plays presented in three unique programs kick off the festival on November 8th.

The women of Sola Voce, a series of solo performances, take the stage from November 9th to November 26th.

Women in Motion (WiM) presents two premieres on November 14th and 17th: Permission to Fail by 2013 NYLA Studio Series Artist Laurie Berg, with collaborator Bessie McDonough-Thayer and I Would by 2012 Field Fund awardee, Rachel Cohen. Selected by WiM producers, Melissa Riker, Amber Sloan, Esther Palmer and Anne Zuerner for their unique interests in rhythm, theatricality, props, and absurdity, these refreshing dance artists have shown they are not afraid to tackle the unknown.

Stand-up for Estro is back for its second season featuring  performances by Marga Gomez on November 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, and 30th.

GirlPower, a presentation of the spoken word written and performed by girls ages 8 to 21, runs November 10th, 11th, 15th, 16th, and 26th.


TBG Theatre, 312 West 36th Street, New York


Audiences can purchase individual general admission tickets ($18) or packages (from $36 for all three theatre programs to $75 for the entire EstroGenius festival, including music and comedy programs) here: https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/dept/895

Published Poet – Check

As you know I am all about making dreams into reality. When it comes to my own, I usually have to work through the fear, do it and let go. That was the case with my poetry. I love writing poems.

Last summer I faced my fear of writing and reading my poems in a vacuum. I took a poetry class at the Writer’s Studio and slowly found my voice.  It’s in that class that I wrote and worked on Catamarans.It reflects one of the happiest moments of my life – the celebration of my 5th wedding anniversary in the Dominican Republic in 2007. GOOD TIMES! When I received an email from Newtown Literary about accepting submissions for the launch of their inaugural issue, I figured I just have to do it. Just to do it. No hopes.  My goal was to face the fear of sending the poem to the magazine.  So I uploaded it, fretted for a bit, then hit send and ran away from the computer.

Then I totally forgot about it until I received my acceptance 3 months later.

It’s funny but I had the same fear when I wrote my first blog entry almost a year ago. The same thing happened as with the poem.  And I have come to love writing this blog. If anything, I think it has allowed me to tap into me.

The issue debuts in the late Fall.  As with any artistic endeavor, Newtown Literary is accepting contributions. Their campaign is called Sponsor-a-Contributor (that’s me!).  This will help  in covering the printing costs of the journal and developing operational funds as we continue on to the Spring 2013 issue.

Please Check it out: http://fundly.com/ercjdqff.

Are You Who You Say You Are?

Maya Angelou says  “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

People are who they say they are.  I am a follower of Thoughts Become Things. Whether those thoughts are positive or negative, they do manifest into reality.  As of late, I have noticed meanness for the sake of being mean, rude, and proud. Being nasty or mean to others doesn’t make you look cool. As a matter of fact,  one of two things will happen:

1. Other nasty people will love you and your life will just continue to bloom in this negative aura or 2. you will be alone because no one will want to hang out with you.

Sometimes there is a fun factor to being around people like this.  They say the thoughts in your head that remain an inner monologue. However, as someone who tries not be like this anymore,  I have become uber sensitive when it happens around me or to me.  Especially if it comes out of left field.  So,  I have to take note if someone is dismissive. I have to think about whether I need to be in that person’s presence  if someone is rude and hurtful. I also have to absorb the purpose of someone strikes with one remark . Then I remind myself that I should always think before I speak : “does it need to be said” and “do I need to say it”. Once I take these situations under consideration, I know I just probably saved myself a ton of aggravation and self-imposed turmoil.

I personally don’t think it is cool to label one’s self with a negative term.  I find that it diminishes the best parts while highlighting the worst parts.


Check out my other project with the EstroGenius Festival. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays of October,  the staff of the festival answer the Estro 5. I am really proud of how this came together! Tickets are also available.

Rant III: There’s No Need for Condescension

I wrote the rant, thought I saved it but alas, I did not.

The gist of the post was that it is so unnecessary to be condescending. The tone of your voice doesn’t sound nice. You come off very arrogant. You sound mean and a bit elitist.  I have been the recipient of this over the last month. Though your truly has been guilty of this in the past, I have really tried to make a concerted effort to restrain from saying what doesn’t need to be said or what shouldn’t be said. I also know myself very well, so if I have been condescending, I probably said I was being condescending. Anyhow, the worst part of condescension is the holier than thou attitude and lack of compassion.

So, instead of responding with patronization, I take a moment and think about another way of responding that isn’t biting or dehumanizing. I take the assertive approach rather than the aggressive. There’s a time and place for everything. I just pause and play out the situation.


Check out my other project with the EstroGenius Festival. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays of October,  the staff of the festival answer the Estro 5. I am really proud of how this came together!