Rant III: There’s No Need for Condescension

I wrote the rant, thought I saved it but alas, I did not.

The gist of the post was that it is so unnecessary to be condescending. The tone of your voice doesn’t sound nice. You come off very arrogant. You sound mean and a bit elitist.  I have been the recipient of this over the last month. Though your truly has been guilty of this in the past, I have really tried to make a concerted effort to restrain from saying what doesn’t need to be said or what shouldn’t be said. I also know myself very well, so if I have been condescending, I probably said I was being condescending. Anyhow, the worst part of condescension is the holier than thou attitude and lack of compassion.

So, instead of responding with patronization, I take a moment and think about another way of responding that isn’t biting or dehumanizing. I take the assertive approach rather than the aggressive. There’s a time and place for everything. I just pause and play out the situation.


Check out my other project with the EstroGenius Festival. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays of October,  the staff of the festival answer the Estro 5. I am really proud of how this came together!

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