Not All About You, Dear

A few years ago someone very close and dear to me lost a parent. The loss, as any loss is, was not only hard for that someone, but for those close to the family. The deceased was not only well-loved but well-respected. A true role model and mentor. They were very passionate about their craft … Continue reading Not All About You, Dear

Stop! Go! Wait!

Mixed signals are very difficult to process  if you are the one receiving them. It paralyzes because you don't know how to react, respond. The synapses stop firing and you're a deer in headlights. You get frustrated and freak out or you completely shut down (please replace you with I). I don't have the exact … Continue reading Stop! Go! Wait!

Imaginary Friends for Life?

For the life of me, I cannot remember my imaginary friend's name. I do remember us speaking fluent Eurogibberish. I thought that if I just said gibberish with some foreign words thrown in there, it would sound European. This was the thought in a 5 year old's mind.  "Leghakhgeria" must not have been a good … Continue reading Imaginary Friends for Life?

This Girl is On Fire (in a good way)

My synapses have been on fire this week. A burst of energy and inspiration has raced through me over the last few days. When those moments happen, I experience it and allow it to guide me. Spring is here and winter is on it’s way out. Thank goodness because it seems as if the city … Continue reading This Girl is On Fire (in a good way)

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