Guest Blogger: Adam Kern Reviews Gym Shorts

556523_414399671974283_1756644137_nIf you haven’t gotten the memo yet, I am doing the PR for Gym Shorts. It is five vignettes based on what I love to blog about…life. Except it’s based in the gym. Now this girl does not love going to the gym so being a part of this amazing creative team is the closest I am getting to a workout. And since Adam is my guest blogger this week, I will  admit that I do about 4 minutes of yoga every day. That’s 4 more minutes than I did two months ago. What? I walk a lot.

Anyway, Gym Shorts is currently running at the 777 Theatre here in NYC.  Tuesday, May 14th is Pay Your Age Night – just stop by the door, use the keyword ERIC, prove your age, pay in cash.  Also, follow me on Twitter (@malinism) as I will be live tweeting on Thursday night.

And without further ado:

Right off Broadway are a motley, manly crew of actors performing their collective hearts out…well, maybe not that manly.  “Gym Shorts” is a 90-minute play in five parts all set in a, (surprise!) a gym.  The rugged, sweaty, testosterone-fumed gym.  Yet soon the audience sees there is something very strangely askew…like the ever- unsaid relationship dynamics of this modern haven of muscle-mass are suddenly spoken.  Loudly.

The nearly all male cast (with one woman, played by Cara Maltz) take us into the lives of “those that dwell at the gym.”  One is jealous of another’s new spotter, while the shameful truth falls unceremoniously out of the bag of another man…spurring an oft-uncomfortable dialogue.  Discussions heat up.  Arguments.  Threats.  Neurosis.  Anger.  One trainer is fired, to the petulant dismay of his former student.  Another dares to stray from the “typical” gym regimen, causing more ire.

Written and directed by Eric. S. Robertson, the characters’ cattiness becomes apparent throughout the stories.  Deep seeded insecurities are brought to the fluorescent lights of the gym, with some genuinely funny results.  Both the gym rats and detractors will have something to smile about in this farce.  If you’re looking for an evening of highly energetic actors, good ole’ off-Broadway hijinks, and a surprisingly all-age friendly show (though kids will not get a lot of the humor), then check out “Gym Shorts.”  The “Shorts” are gonna be pulled down real soon though, so best catch it while they’re still up!

Adam Kern, Creator and host of over 200 episodes of “Obsess This!”; a weekly talk radio program on arts, science, politics, and sports broadcast on Long Island’s oldest radio station, WGBB 1240 AM. Also host and engineer at Sportsradio NY (  Commercial/ Voiceover, television/ film actor. Yoga practitioner at Bamboomoves Forest Hills. Adam lives in Fresh Meadows, Queens. 

Guest Blogger: Nick Radu Makes It Happen – Imaginary Becomes Real


Last night, Nick and I had dinner with our director, Adrienne Willams, of our upcoming reading of Imaginary. As we ate and talked shop, we went off on a tangent about why we are still doing theater and why does it drive us.  Imaginary was a play that Nick talked to me about 5 years ago and then mentioned to me a year and a half ago.  I know a good play when I read it. I know when I want to be fully involved in a potentially amazing piece of art. And with that, we decided to make it happen. So without further ado, I give you my guest blogger, Nick Radu:

When does one “make it” in this crazy business we call entertainment? Is it when we publish one of our favorite poems? Is it when we get cast as a singer/dancer in the ensemble in a Broadway musical? Is it when we sign for a $20 million contract to star in the next superhero movie? Or is it when our words, our direction or our performance make just one person in the community theater audience feel something that they didn’t know they were going to feel before they stepped into that church basement?

I know I moved to New York to “make it” as an actor. I ended up falling in love with all aspects of the business, specifically rekindling my love for writing.

Imaginary came to me one day and I was blessed to watch it come alive in front of me like watching one’s favorite movie or TV show. Soon I was sharing it with professors, friends, colleagues, and family members. I was even more blessed to lay it in the hands of a like-minded, highly-motivated and inspiring friend: Malini Singh McDonald.

Together we have already put up a reading and spread the word on this piece that is so very dear to my heart. We are currently pushing it to the next level, which I know excites us both, while scaring us like crazy at the same time.

I knew this play was going somewhere after what I learned at that reading. I’m not talking about those who praised it afterwards or those who patted me on the back and told me, “I didn’t know you could write, too!” No, I’m talking about those who roared with laughter at the jokes, listened so intently you could hear a pin drop at the dramatic moments, and those who allowed the tears to flow when they were moved to do so. That’s when I knew I had something special. That’s when I knew Imaginary was on it’s way. That’s when I knew I had “made it.”

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