Meet Amy da Luz & Skeletons (Broadway Bound Theatre Festival)


Name:  Amy da Luz

What is your current project?

SKELETONS the play, part of The Broadway Bound Theatre Festival

Where are you performing your show and why is it a good fit for your production?

14th Street Y Theatre in the East Village – Wonderful venue where the Festival is being held.

What’s next for you?

My play BOXES & BAGGAGE just won the North Carolina New Play Project Award and will be produced in January in Greensboro, NC.

What is the name of the last show you saw?

Sweeney Todd at Triad Stage

Any advice for your peers?

As an artist, if you want your work to resonate with others, it is imperative that you stay true to yourself. There is nothing more powerful than honesty.

Want More?

Website: and
Facebook:  @SkeletonsThePlay and Amy da Luz
Twitter:  @Skeletons_Play
Instagram:  @SkeletonsThePlay

Show Information:

July 31 at 12:30 PM, August 6 at 11:30 AM and August 7 at 7:30 PM

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