Desperately Seeking the Exit – Online Theater Show

YOUR COMPUTER, PLANET EARTH – After pioneering the live digital theater domain during the pandemic, and selling out eight weeks of “Desperately Seeking the Exit” live streams, Peter Michael Marino now teams up with Cincy Fringe for these special events as he shares the critically acclaimed, notorious tale of the making and unmaking of his West End-Blondie-Madonna musical disaster, “Desperately Seeking Susan.” 

In 2007, American actor/writer Peter Michael Marino wrote a musical based on the Madonna film “Desperately Seeking Susan,” featuring the hit songs of Blondie. It opened on London’s West End…and closed a month later. Whoops! This high-octane, comical solo train ride fills in the blanks of how the $6 million musical was made and unmade. From hatching the idea, to deals with producers, MGM, Debbie Harry, and even Madonna…all the way to thrilling workshops, dangerous previews, scathing reviews, closing night, and beyond. Experience this notorious award-winning tale LIVE on your computer.

“A merciless sendup of the business of art.” – NYTimes
“If you have a great story, if it’s funny, moving and real; and if the teller relates it with honesty and passion, the technology becomes secondary.” – FringeReview, UK

“Hilarious!” – TimeOut London

“Marino fashions captivating comedy from the collaborative creative process. Find your way to this Exit as soon as possible.” – Thinking Theater NYC

WHAT: Desperately Seeking the Exit: Online Live
WHO: Written & Performed by Peter Michael Marino. Original Direction by John Clancy.
7:00 p.m. EST, Sunday May 31
9:00 p.m. EST, Thursday June 4
7:00 p.m. EST, Monday June 8
WHERE: Your computer or tablet
RUNNING TIME: 65 minutes

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