Review: Such Nice Shoes

such nice shoes-9.jpgThere are times when I walk into a theatre not really wanting to see my own life on stage. However, watching a day in the life of Christine Renee Miller, actually made me feel grateful for the life I have and how important it is for us to use this platform to share our stories. Miller is known in the theatre circles as Emmy winner, Matt Hoverman’s collaborator for their Go-Solo Classes. The solo shows that have been produced from their classes have been moving and successful. This show is no different. Miller magnificently and smoothly transitions through no less than 10 characters that she encounters in one day. We meet the sassy homeless woman who kicks off Miller’s day in the early morning to the Indian palm reader to the sexist yoga client. Staged in Theater Lab’s white space with Lianne Arnold’s projections and Kia Rogers’ lighting design to support locations, director Andrea Dantas creatively and poignantly questions us: “Does New York chew us up and spits us out and how do we handle the outcome?”


Monday Oct 17 at 7pm *talkback post show
Thurs Oct 20 at 8pm
Fri Oct 21 at 8pm
Sat Oct 22 at 8pm

TheaterLab is located at 357 W 36th Street 3rd floor (b/w 8th and 9th Aves). A/C/E to 34th Street / Penn Station.

More info at:;

Tickets: $20

Meet Tom Attea & The Folk Singer

Name: Tom Attea

What is your current project?

“The Folk Singer,” a new musical, which is being premiered by Theater for the New City on October 9th and is scheduled to run through October 23rd.

Where are you performing it and why is it the right fit for your piece?

I wrote it because I was thinking about, as I frequently do, a new work for the theater that would, in a character-based way, reflect the times in an intelligent and entertaining way. I realized that today folk music isn’t as popular as it was in the 30’s and 40’s and again in the 60’s and 70’s. Given the multiplicity of problems afoot in the world today, I found the relative absence particularly ironic. I wondered what character would embody the problem and imagined a young folk singer, struggling to reach a wider audience. In his idea to get together other local folk singers, write all new folk songs with contemporary relevance and stage “A Folk Festival for Today,” I had the occasion to write new lyrics that would reflect the text and subtext of the times and allow the audience to share the content in the unique communal forum the theater provides for consequential thoughts and credible eloquence.

What’s next for you?

I often say that the more sensitive and logical you are, the more a generally insensitive and illogical world is likely to upset you. I’ve learned over the years that I’m only able to withstand the stresses of the premier of one new show a year. Between writing them, I write poetry or philosophy. For example, after my last show, I wrote a sonnet sequence and one of the sonnets was published by the literary magazine Poetica Victorian. Philosophy has also been a lifelong interest of mine. For example, I’ve subscribed to The Philosophers Magazine for years. I’ve developed a personal philosophy over time and, when I get an idea that develops it, I make a note. The philosophy informs all of my writing and is primarily about the need for humans to make a commitment to this life our primary devotion. For instance, in the show, there’s a song about sitting in a railway station, watching people drop things on the floor, leave them on their seats, etc., treating the station like the stopover on the way to their destination. The singer wonders how they’d treat it if they realized the station might be their destination. It’s sort of a variation on Aristotle’s thought that the way you can tell the difference between a public fountain and a private fountain is the private fountain is clean.

Who is your biggest inspiration right at this moment and why?

I’m inspired by people who have valued life itself in an intelligent way, by which I mean the thoughtful, mutually considerate care and fulfillment of its finest potential. These include the following: Chekhov, the exquisitely tender playwright of human interaction, who, as a physician, could write in one of his letters, “My holy of holies is the human body.” Albert Schweitzer, for his ethical principle of “Reverence or Life,” or, as he casually stated it, “What is good for life is good and what is bad for life is bad.” Bertrand Russell for, in the book Principles of Social Reconstruction, “New thought will be required … the world has need of a philosophy, or a religion, which will promote life…. Through the spectacle of death, I acquired a new love for what is living.” Contemporary philosophers include A. C. Grayling, who often writes about “human flourishing,” and Peter Singer, who advocates for the rights of all species. Unfortunately, thoughts like these are sometimes caught up in the so-called Right to Life movement, which makes no room for the life of the would-be mother or the would-be father. I believe that a fundamental aspect of the dignity of life is to be able make our own choices, hopefully, wisely, and, in fact, that the freedom to choose is necessary for the conduct of human life as it has evolved.

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Tom Attea has written thirteen other produced shows, beginning with “Brief Chronicles of the Time,” which was presented as a showcase by The Actors Studio, where he was a member of The Playwrights Unit for 10 years. Since then, he has written the book and lyrics for ten musicals and two plays that have been presented by Theater for the New City. Tom received a TNC/Jerome Foundation emerging playwright grant and is a member of The Dramatists Guild.

Show information (venue, dates, ticket info)

THE FOLK SINGER began previews on September 29th, opens on October 9th at the Theater for the New City (155 First Avenue between 9th and 10th Streets,
New York, NY 10003) and will play a limited engagement through October 23rd. Tickets are $15 ($10 for seniors and students.) Box office: 212.254.1109, SmartTix: 212.868.4444 or purchase online at

The performance schedule for THE FOLK SINGER is as follows: Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm, with matinees on Sundays at 3pm.


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***World Without End*** by Allison Zajac-Batell

In the new play World Without End, a grieving mother meets her widowed daughter-in-law for the first time. The two women struggle to find solace in one another despite what their disparate faiths might allow.

***Flesh & Spirit*** by Sara McDermott Jain & Steven Skeels

Michael, a priest, begins a journey of self-discovery that connects his life to that of Daphne, a drug addict and a prostitute. In trying to help Daphne and come to terms with his own sexuality, Michael incurs the wrath of his most devout parishioner, the scorned and jilted Mary.

***Most Likely To*** by Ryan Vincent Anderson
The recent barrage of tragic events regarding the deaths of unarmed black men splatter our news and social media feeds. With each new victim there’s another statistic. Another hashtag. Another protest. But how often do we get to see the humanity behind the incident?

***The Love Junkie*** Bridget Barkan
The Love Junkie is thestory of one woman’s journey on the road to recovery from sex and love addition. It’s a roller coaster ride of musical numbers, characters, comedy, spoken word,costumes, dancing and unapologetic truth.

***Trashman’s Dilemma*** by Bruce Gooch
10 years after The Purge, Words are feared, not spoken. Thoughts are tele-communicated. Memories monitored by CORP satellites. In a structure CORP monitors cant reach, a warrior and a disposable soldier encounter two refugees of The Purge. Language is reborn and with it hope for humanity. Of the four, two will live. Two will

***Palin LIVE!*** by Erica Vlahinos
See Sarah like youve never seen her before – voluntarily!
Its 2016 and Sarah Palin is back, but this time shes a MUSICAL! Spend an evening with the self anointed Maverick of Melody as she dances down the yellow brick road to the White House in Americas first ever musical campaign.

ALL PERFORMANCES AT TIMES SQUARE ARTS CENTRE, 300 W 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036 – 2nd Floor AT 7PM sharp.


** Please note that tickets can also be purchased at the door on the evening of the performance, however purchasing in advance is recommended to avoid disappointment. Door Tickets: $35 CASH ONLY.


Meet Shara Ashley Zeiger & Roughly Speaking

FB_IMG_1475004492543.jpgName:  Shara Ashley Zeiger

What is your current project?

“Roughly Speaking” A new play based on over 200 interviews with the NYC Homeless! See a world we often walk by through the eyes of Lightning.Bolt, a rapper bound only by his wheelchair on a not so typical day at the soup kitchen. An existential struggle of survival begs questions of love, loss, and what’s next. I spent 2 years interviewing the homeless to write this play and I am very proud of it. The project also includes a talk back series, an invited dress rehearsal for the homeless, $3 for every ticket purchased going to buy backpacks for the homeless of NYC, and an installation of Willie Baronet’s work, an awesome artist who makes galleries out of homeless signs.

Where are you performing it and why is it the right fit for your piece?

We’re running at Tada Theater on 15 w. 28th st in NYC. It’s a great 99 seat house that’s very accessible for NY audiences to get to, and it’s only 12 blocks from where the play actually takes place.

What’s next for you?

We’re going to see about this for awhile🙂 The goal is for this play to have a life after this run. Sure I’ve got a ton up my sleeve, but in time.

Who is your biggest inspiration right at this moment and why?
I’m inspired by a lot of people. Lin Manuel Miranda, Meryl Streep, Hillary Clinton. Am I cliché? I’m inspired by people who use what they got to shape the world be in their voice their influence or their character.

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Twitter: @PlatformGroup
@PlatformGroup (IG)
@SharaAshleyZ (Twitter & IG)

Shara Ashley Zeiger (Producer, Playwright, Performer): Shara is the founder and Artistic Director of The Platform Group, where she acted in and produced Savage in Limbo, and The Ladder Series. As a creator Shara’s play The Dark Place was part of Emerging Artist Theater’s New Works Festival in 2014. She works as a teaching artist in developing new works with The Queens Theater at various residencies. She is also on the reader selection committee for The O’Neill Center’s National Playwrights Conference, and sits on the board for NY’s Educational Theater Association. As a performer, Shara’s done work on camera with ABC, MTV, VH1, Spike TV, National Geographic, CollegeHumor, and many festival running films including Aphasia (Tribeca Film Festival 2015, Cannes 2015). Shara was in the National Tour of Molilere’s Imaginary Invalid, and has also worked at many theaters including La MaMa E.T.C., PS 122, Theater for the New City, Kitchen Theater Co., Bristol Riverside Theater, and Bucks County Playhouse. Shara is alum of Ithaca College, The O’Neill Center’s National Theater Institute, The Upright Citizens Brigade, and Studio 5 and is a proud member of AEA & SAG-AFTRA. @SharaAshleyZ

Show information (venue, dates, ticket info)

10/29-11/20 Thurs-Sat 8pm,

Sundays 11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 2pm

Wednesdays 11/2, 11/9, 8pm

Monday 11/14 8pm

Tada Theater 15 w. 28th st, NYC

Tickets on Smarttix through our website

Meet Ashley Jacobson & Elizabeth Sarkady and SEX

maeweststartsonjailterm_1_orig.jpgName: Ashley Jacobson (Artistic Director) and Elizabeth Sarkady (Executive Director)

What is your current project?

A staged reading of SEX by Mae West. It was her first Broadway play and the one for which she was incarcerated for 10-days for lewdness and “corrupting the youth.” The play is the story of a prostitute from Montreal who struggles to find her way in and out of sex work.

Where are you performing it and why is it the right fit for your piece?

We are performing it at UNDER Saint Marks Theater, as part of our residency with FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade. The theater has a distinct downtown feel, as its underground and feels almost like a speakeasy. This is so perfect for a show produced during the Prohibition Era, where censorship was so brazen and artists could be arrested for the content of the work. We hope people will enjoy feeling like they are sneaking in to see something taboo.

What’s next for you?

We have a devised show called THE BRITNEY PROJECT that will open on January 4th at the Kraine Theater. The show’s tagline is: A look into what Britney Spears did to pop culture, and what pop culture did to Britney Spears. Its a highly satired look at pop culture’s obsession with and exploitation of celebrities, particularly young females, as explored through the very public rise and breakdown of America’s most famous pop princess.

Who is your biggest inspiration right at this moment and why?

Definitely Mae West! What a soul she was! We are so inspired by her self-made career. She created the roles she wanted for herself and defined her sexuality on her own terms. She used stereotypes to exploit them and to reveal them as shallow. She was unapologetically fabulous and bold, but also caring and philanthropic. She was a real trailblazer for women in theater and on screen, and we are proud to showcase her work.

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Twitter: @thedirtyblondes
Facebook: thedirtyblondes
Instagram: dirtyblondestheater
View collection at
A feminist theater company with a taste for provocation.

The Dirty Blondes’ mission is to produce theater that furthers the right conversation at the right time with the right people. Through this mission, artists are responsible for using their work to participate in a dialogue that bears on their experience and pushes the conversation further – creating stark, challenging and emotionally truthful pieces of theater

Show information (venue, dates, ticket info)
UNDER St. Marks New York, NY
Sep 29-Oct 2 @ 7pm
Visit or for more ticket information.

Meet Emily Owens

Name: Emily Owens
What is your current project?

I run Emily Owens PR, a media relations agency specializing in new work off and off off Broadway. I work with The Kilroys, New Georges, Mac Rogers and Gideon Productions, and FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade, among others.

Where are you performing it and why is it the right fit for your piece?

I love bringing attention to new plays and playwrights that people haven’t previously heard of. Nothing excites me more than getting a playwright their first New York Times review! It always starts with the play for me, and I never rep a show if I don’t dig the script. Lately I seem to be gravitating towards a lot of genre theatre (horror and science fiction) and works by women.

What’s next for you?
I’m starting a theatre company with my husband called Hot Tramp Productions. Our inaugural production will premiere at UNDER St. Marks in March 2017. Stay tuned for more on that!
Who is your biggest inspiration right at this moment and why?

Strong, independent, badass girl bosses. I’m lucky to know quite a few of them!

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Twitter: @emilyowenspr
Emily founded Emily Owens PR, a media relations agency specializing in independent and off-Broadway theatre, in 2007. Since then Emily has built a solid reputation for repping New York and World Premiere productions. Her clients have been nominated for Drama Desk Awards, received Obie Awards, and been named Critics Picks by the New York Times, Time Out NY, and NY Magazine.

Meet Dennis Gleason and Joanne de Simone & The Convent of St Clare

IMG_20160908_222333106_HDR.jpgName: Dennis Gleason and Joanne de Simone

What is your current project?

The Convent of St Clare. Abortion, lesbians, a holier than thou mother superior, a  priest and a determined fiancee all make this story not your grandmother’s Catholic Church. “The Convent Of St Clare” a new dramedy debuts in the Thespis Festival at Hudson Guild  Theatre this fall. Come see how all is crumbling under the weight of changing times and unconventional habits. The cast features two actors, Amy Losi and Kalen J. Hall from last year’s critically acclaimed de Simone/Gleason production of “Olivia’s Roses”. Rounding out the cast are Lisa Dennett, Kalene Speranza, Kaitlin Paige Adkison, Ed Ryan and Andrea Warriner. Jayde Fuentes is the Stage Manager.

Where are you performing it and why is it the right fit for your piece?

Hudson Guild Theatre on 26th Street in Manhattan….intimate 99 sear theatre where you can get close to the sordid, sorry and silly action of the nunnery.

What’s next for you?

It’s a Wonderful Life in Mississippi

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Dennis Gleason just wrapped up the heralded “Houseless in Paradise” in the New York Fringe Festival. Earlier NYC successes include “An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein” Off Broadway, 2nd Place in the UnFringed Festival with “An Appetizing Yarn”, 2nd Place in the Midtown International Theatre Festival with “Devil’s Advocate” and five Finalists in the Strawberry Festival. Having directed coast to coast, he has won 15 Outstanding Production & Outstanding Director Awards over a thirty year career. With 150 directing credits, Dennis is an Associate Member of Stage Directors & Choreographers Society.

Joanne de Simone is a author, playwright and film historian who has written eight plays. Her “Judy’s Dead” took first prize in the Writer’s Digest Stage Play competition and is in negotiations for an upcoming TV movie. “Norma Jeane Enlightenment” was well received in the MITF Festival as was “Livvie and J.De Beau” at MRT. “Suicide Angel” is in feature film pre production and her historical play “Earthman” will be released as a short film in 2017. Joanne is also known for her succession of teen books.

Show information (venue, dates, ticket info)

Performances are Sept 13 at 9 PM, Sept 14 at 6:15 PM and Sept 17 at 6:00 pm at the Hudson Guild Theatre, 441 West 26th Street in NYC, between 9th and 10th Avenues. Tickets are available at the door for $ or may be purchased in advance through Brown Paper Tickets online or by calling 1-800-838-3006. You may contact the festival for more information.