Meet Sabina England & Allah Earth: The Cycle of Life

Name: Sabina England Tell us about you.  I am a filmmaker, playwright and performance artist. I am profoundly deaf and cannot hear but I work with musicians a lot in my projects. I just won a Jury Award at Lady Filmmakers Film Festival in Beverly Hills, California last month for my short sign language poetry … Continue reading Meet Sabina England & Allah Earth: The Cycle of Life

Meet Fengar Gael & Sycorax, Cyber Queen of Qamara

Name: Fengar Gael Tell us about you.  I don’t sleep well; I keep dreaming that I’m a resident alien in a plutocracy led by a miserly, mean souled, tinpot dictator who has tricked us into allowing the ethics of business to infest every aspect of life. My mother said I was born wanting to re-stage … Continue reading Meet Fengar Gael & Sycorax, Cyber Queen of Qamara

FringeNYC + FringeBYOV Returns 2018

After a one year hiatus, the New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC) returns with a new look.  It also returns with an additional moniker called FringeBYOV (Bring Your Own Venue) which opens the festival and audience members to theatre beyond the borough of Manhattan. Unfortunately, the Bronx wasn't included but kudos to Staten Island for being … Continue reading FringeNYC + FringeBYOV Returns 2018

Malini Goes to Liberia to Visit The Wiz

Team The Wiz is leaving for Liberia on Tuesday! This started when Tamlyn, Executive Director, Broadway Artists Connection ("BAC") asked at our board meeting in December, "Who wants to go with me to Liberia?" and I said, "I'd go with you." Of course, we didn't think much more of it until the official request came in January … Continue reading Malini Goes to Liberia to Visit The Wiz

Meet Gabri Christa & Magdalena

  Name: Gabri Christa Tell us about you.  I am an artist who uses whatever media that is appropriate to communicate an idea. I come from choreography as my background but mostly use film and other media these days. I was born and raised in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean. I seek to create an understanding of our … Continue reading Meet Gabri Christa & Magdalena

Meet Rob Dames & Nowhere Man

Tell us about you.  Rob has been writer, producer and/or director for over 30 television series including 17 network pilots. Rob worked on such series as: Benson, Marblehead Manor, Gimme A Break, Me and The Boys, The Royal Family, The Blues Brothers, Full House and many more. He was a nominee for The People’s Choice … Continue reading Meet Rob Dames & Nowhere Man

Meet George Pfirrmann & The Brothers Khan

Tell us about you.  Playwright/Producer Tell us about your current project?  The Brothers Khan, An American Story is going up at the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival this August in NYC Where are you performing your show and why is it a good fit for your production?  The Broadway Bound Theatre Festival. This is an opportunity … Continue reading Meet George Pfirrmann & The Brothers Khan

Meet Albi Gorn & Jim’s Room

Tell us about you.  I'm Albi Gorn. I've been writing for 25 years and have been produced all over the U.S. and in Canada, Mexico and England. My shows have won dozens of playwriting competitions and theater festivals. I live in Hastings-on-Hudson in Westchester, N.Y. with my wife and director of choice, Robin Anne Joseph. … Continue reading Meet Albi Gorn & Jim’s Room

Meet Sean David Robinson & Starbright

Tell us about you.  My name is Sean David Robinson, and I'm a playwright from Asheville, NC. My work is focused on creating strong female protagonists in stories which bring science, speculative fiction and magical realism to life on the stage. Tell us about your current project?  Starbright, my current play, tells the story of … Continue reading Meet Sean David Robinson & Starbright