Move a Muscle, Change a Thought

Tonight, Ian and I finally made it to Godspell at Circle on the Square. Why finally? Well, as in any show that we are involved in, whether producing, directing, designing, etc., we always go on opening night. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it there as we are in rehearsals for another show, See How They Run.

Godspell is different from our other productions as we are a part of a much bigger machine called Broadway. Our part in this show, as we are asked many times, is that we are investors – People of Godspell (  As a result,  we knew we had to get there before opening night just to see the show and watch the evolution of a project we’ve been involved in for over a year.

What joy to experience this at the beginning of the week. In general, I love seeing a Broadway show because it reminds me of why I do theater. But to sit in a seat and know that we are a part of it, is a bit surreal. The possibilities seem plausible. We made a decision to invest in order to learn more about our craft and not be stagnant in what is comfortable. We moved a muscle and changed our thought.

Click here to read Ian’s thoughts on tonight’s show.

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5 thoughts on “Move a Muscle, Change a Thought

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  2. I am proud of our barnyard roots. If we didn’t have those experiences, we wouldn’t be able to do the work we are both doing right now.

    And we wouldn’t have met 🙂 Thanks Cazzie.

  3. SO proud and happy you started this, and so proud and happy for your work and success with “Godspell”.

    As I said to you around midnight in my kitchen recently, “we met doing theater we loved in barns; our barns are just a lot bigger these days.”

    And you are still Queen of the Roost…

  4. I imagine it must be quite the different experience knowing that you were a part of making the show happen. I’ve discovered that particular feeling with things like Kickstarter, but to actually be there….

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