Shrink Your Budget or Lose Money!


If you have goals, strive for them. They are achievable.
If you have a desire, believe in it. It will manifest.
If you have fear, face it. It doesn’t control you.

My Round Robin is a desire that I had, a goal I wanted to achieve. I am glad that I was able to do face my fear of doing it. Sharing my experiences on shrinking a budget was as helpful to me as it was to the attendees.

We focused on the one aspect of producing a show that seems simple but sometimes can become complicated: creating the budget and staying within said budget. I have been fortunate not to go over my budgets but I have chosen to spend on line items that were unnecessary (for e.g., paying for a publicist, programs, concessions). So having the opportunity to share these experiences with fellow producers brought back some “fund” memories.

The focus of the workshop is starting with why produce a show. Once you can answer that question, the rest will fall into place. Then you can create a simple budget, figure out where to save money, how to get funds and how to promote it. And if you still are lost, no worries. I plan to do another Shrink Your Budget Workshop.

In other news, Godspell is kicking off Talk Back Tuesdays as of tomorrow with individual cast members. You can visit for more information.

Also, from January 17 to February 4th, you can see some Broadway shows for 2 for 1 tickets.

Have a great week!

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