Declare Who You Are!

How good is that?! I know I have felt like that many times.  I have always said that I am a director even though I have another job that pays my bills. If I say I am a legal secretary, I can feel the despair set in and distancing from my true aspirations.

I love Oprah’s Master Class.  I enjoy the style in which the celebrities share their stories. They always have a nugget of inspiration about how they continue on when the chips are down.

I never know what theme will be repeated during the week but declare who you are started the week and ended the week. The other source is an unlikely one. However, it’s not that odd that the first one would be from theater and movies and the second one would be from music.

 The second time I heard it was at the Motorhead concert I attended at the Garden on Saturday.  Lemmy screached in his raspy voice, ” We are Motorhead and we play rock and roll!!!” He’s been saying that throughout the band’s 40 year career. 

Morgan and Lemmy have been living the life they want because simply, they say so.

My name is Malini and I am a director/producer.

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