20 Things I Learned from My Spring Vacation to Trinidad and Tobago

All I have to say is that this trip was more than a vacation but a spiritual awakening.

We had the best time truly appreciating the opposite of living in New York City. I love my city as mentioned in Rant II. However, I also love Trinidad.

So what else did I learn from my trip:

  1. You can go to the top of the mountain…twice.
  2. Dogs like to bark in unison a whole lot.
  3. Dogs also like to lay down in the middle of the road regardless of the time of day.
  4. Trinidad is a major melting pot of Indians, Chinese, Spanish, African, Indigenous, and European just to name a few.
  5. A dead poisonous snake is scary especially when you watch in horror as you cousin kills it with a cement block.
  6. We should never complain about the condition of our roadways.
  7. Chinese and KFC are popular fast food options.
  8. The East Indian Caribbean Museum offers the best history and articfacts of the South East Asians who arrived in Trinidad in 1845.
  9. If you visit your cousin’s temple and ashram deep in the forest, don’t wear a sleeveless dress and don’t forget your OFF!
  10. It is possible to see a mandhir (Hindu temple), a mosque, churches of Anglican, Catholic and Presbyterian faiths and a Kingdom Hall within one mile.
  11. If you feed a chicken that doesn’t belong to you, it does.
  12. Going to the beach trumps everything.
  13. “Depression Ahead” has nothing to do with being sad or poor.
  14. It is simultaneously incredibly difficult and incredibly easy to miss the ferry from Tobago.
  15. CP time is real (that’s Caribbean People time)
  16. Not all holy men started that way.
  17. You can eat fruits off a tree without worry of pesticides.
  18. The 1.5 mile walk to school and the 1.5 mile walk back home is real. We did the walk my father did to school. I broke a sweat. 
  19. I come from strong stock and deep roots.
  20. Spending time with my dad is priceless.

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