Seasons Change and So Do People

Do people change? I think so. I know I have. My grandmother-in-law said to my mother-in-law that I am a very happy person. I had to digest that compliment then ponder it and then accept it. 

I had to accept as true because it is true. I made a choice to start living a more zen existence because for too long everything in my life was high drama. After a while I just became so over it. The frenzied feeling that I used to thrive on now makes me very sick. Once upon a time I would use that to achieve goals. However, I am finding that I am able to make them in a more relaxed place.  I thought it was normal to be in chaos. All the shows I have worked on has had a level of draaaamaaa. Not my current show. There’s no room for it. I don’t want it.

Black Henna is in pre-production for our summer show, Twelfth Night. The process for this show is very different than the past. The old process entailed many meetings and discussions. We would rip everything to shreds then repaste it. It was all a big to do. This show has been very simple. My director, Johnny Young, and I have had simple exchanges regarding the show.  This is the concept, this is where we are performing, here’s the rehearsal schedule, auditions, casting, and scene.  Of course, there are issues rising up but we have been able to handle them without going into crisis mode.

Do you know why? Most things in life aren’t life or death. That was a big realization for me. Once I realized that and started being grateful, I felt a huge shift in everything. My mind, my body, my spirit. Do I still get crazy? Of course but it is more contained. No one is going to benefit from insane outburts. I have a saying: “If you have an insane outburst and no one is reacting or responding, then you look like a crazy person.”

And that’s coming from someone that knows!


The Parkside Players open this weekend with Done to Death directed by Natalie Jones!  Check out

The staged reading of Imaginary  written and directed by Nick Radu will be up next month. Stay tuned for more details.



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