Memories… Light the corners of my mind

Last night I reunited with friends from my time at the Actors Studio Drama School – (Cohort VII in the house!) It had been about nine years since we last saw each other. Oh, the memories of graduation. The slight memories of the afterparty. I was told there was an after after party. I can’t remember…good times. The one thing we kept repeating is how much we missed each other. It seems like yesterday we were all struggling to complete our MFAs with big dreams and high hopes. For the most part, some of us are still on that path and others have created amazing new lives. The point is we were still able to connect on very personal level…nine years later.

When you spend three years in a conservatory living, breathing, eating the craft with others, you have no choice but to connect. Especially in a program that focuses on bringing your personal truth to your character. I remember a few times wanting to drop out of the program because it was really hard. Thankfully, I had a partner-in-crime (now husband) who wouldn’t let me do that. For him, I am so incredibly thankful.

My time at ASDS was the best and worst three years of my life. The work and dedication was tremendous but I did it. We all did it. And are still doing it.

So to Cohort VII, our ten year reunion will be underway…once I get through the summer 🙂 It was great seeing all of you!


You are cordially invited to the staged reading of Nick Radu’s Imaginary.

Starring: Monica Barczak, Renee Delio, Melanie Jolley, Brett Miro, Paul Morisi, Laura Packer & Paul Robilotto

Performances are listed below. Reserve tix:

Friday, June 29th at 8pm
Workshop Theater Company
312 West 36th Street

Sunday, July 1st at 2pm
Once Upon a Time
8761 111th Street in Richmond Hill, Queens


Jack Cartwright has passed on after being involved in a tragic car accident. Before passing on to “the other side,” Jack must take on the job as Imaginary Friend to 8-year-old Molly Hamilton. Jack is just another notch in Molly’s candy lipstick case as she has been through six Imaginary
Friends already in her short life. Sampson, the angelic spirit in charge of the Imaginary Friend Network, explains the rules of imaginary friending to a reluctant Jack, who finds the task slightly more daunting than he expected.

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