A Birthday Post (and thank you!)

Ian and I are celebrating our birthday today. We have shared our birthday for the last 14 years. It’s interesting as I had a resentment about it for about 5 years. I took issue with not having a holiday all to myself…which in retrospect is pretty egotistical and sh****y. So I apologize to Ian for feeling that way. I am not that person anymore. I love that we share this special day and that our parents can relish in it together. It’s nice to get those calls and emails all at once (HI DADDY)! We personally get a kick out of the weather that day. It was windy at 3:30am when Ian decided to make his grand entrance and it rained at 1:3opm when I decided to make front page news!

This morning I thought to myself how easy it is to share a birthday. We don’t have to celebrate on different days. Our families can send two birthday cards at once. Our friends can send us beautiful posts at the same time. Luckily, we have similar tastes so we both wanted to see Motley Crue and KISS on Saturday. Plus we were both gung ho about going in make-up. Next month we are seeing Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson because we want to not because we feel obligated to each other.  AND Ian was psyched that I wanted my version of surf and turf for dinner tonight (I opt for shrimp rather than lobster).

So I would like to thank everyone who sent us cards, texts, emails, and Facebook love! Please know that we read every one of those posts. Much love to all of you!

Happy Birthday, Ian. Here’s to a whole lotta more…so much a lot. xoxoxoxo

3 thoughts on “A Birthday Post (and thank you!)

  1. So sorry we missed your birthdays. We were thinking of you this whole weekend. Hope your day was great!

  2. Technically you and Ian have a shared a birthday for more than 14 years. Because if you haven’t, well that’s a whole other can of worms there. The least of which is that both of you should be coming home from junior high . . .

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