Coincidence v. Synchronicity

Coincidence? I think we have been wrongly defining the word. We make a big deal out of it as if a coincidence is luck hiding behind a curtain and then pops out of nowhere. SURPRISE! Oh my god, what are the chances?!

Actually, a coincidence is simply two events occurring at the same time with a common thread. I think what we are actually getting excited about is synchronicity. Synchronicity is a coming together of seemingly unconnected events.  That’s what we are getting excited about when it happens. I am not a believer of coincidences as there’s an undertone of chance or luck. I believe that everything happens for a reason. That happenstance is preparation for something else that is going to happen. Whatever I am going through now is preparing me for the next lesson. It is up to me to listen, step back and learn.

A few years ago, I went through a very difficult time. I thought that the world was crashing on me. Everything seemed to have come out of the woodworks and needed my attention right there and then. I absolutely didn’t know what to do and how to handle the issues that fell in my lap. They covered the spectrum of life: family, finances, work, career. Each were attached by to a very specific emotion and all emotions at once. As I am sure you know, it is quite overwhelming.  I didn’t think I was going to come out on the other side.  I thought that I lost all of it and depair set in.

Luckily, I had some very loving people in my life who told me just pause. How long is a pause? On some days it’s a few seconds, other times, an hour or a day or week. Who is to say? During my pause, which in this case, was two weeks, I was able to pull myself out of the maelstrom and let the answers come to me.  And they did. And I was willing and desperate to listen. The answer to work and career presented itself. It was time to move on to a new place which would allow me to freely pursue my art. I am sure what you are wondering how that can be? In my head, I had decided that I was going to be bold and walk into my producer/mentor’s office and tell me to give me that he was going to make it possible to work for him, by him, with him in any manner.  I gave myself 8 months to make the change. Scary and unsure but I set the intention and let it be. About two months after I made the decision, I interviewed at my current job on a lark…and was offered a position. I accepted. I did meet with my producer/mentor and told him what I was going to say to him. We laughed and he said very kind words to me. I think the job offer and the career transition is synchronicity. They happened at the same time and aren’t really connected.

I am getting through to the other side. It has been a very long pause but I have learned so much about myself.

I love Deepak Chopra and his teachings. Here he talks about coincidences and synchronicity. He believes in coincidences. I don’t. We can agree to disagree!

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