Simply Simplying


The last couple of weeks have me thinking about how I need to simplify happened on it’s own…much to my confusion as I wasn’t actively trying to do that. However, I am now able to look back and see how much the confusion, the conclusion and the culmination has been a blessing in disguise.and declutter. Most of it has

They materialized in the following ways:

  • A relationship ended and a new one began;
  • My projects ended and new ones are on the horizon;
  • A personal goal/dream came true and a new one presented itself; and
  • An old fear was faced and a new one will be conquered.

They physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually manifested at the same time. It has been this strange feeling of nausea and relief, confusion and clarity, extreme sadness and rage with true joy and gratitude.  I was finally able to ride the crest  and sit on the shore.  Once I was able to sit and listen to what I was being told (friends, the universe, myself), I finally let go.  I am simplifying.  I followed my gut and made decisions. I cleaned my kitchen. I mailed my Christmas cards. I caught up with friends. These actions keep me in the present. And it’s the holidays and I love presents.

Happy Holidays!

If you are in the NYC area, I am reading my poem, Catamarans, as part of the launch of Newtown Literary Magazine. Details are below. Hope you can make it 🙂




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