Home: My Refuge

Document1Home: My apartment, New York City, and the theater.

It’s the place where I feel safe and comfortable. It’s a  place where I feel free to be me.  It’s where the foundation is sturdy and where the cracks are fixable. It’s the place where I can a step into the foyer/vom or onto the tarmac and feel relief. It’s the place where I wouldn’t think twice if I need to take a little more time and exertion to make it even homier. It’s my refuge.

I have to remind myself that whenever I feel a disconnect from a place that I call “my home”, it’s time to address it. So I ask myself the following questions:

  1. Why am I no longer comfortable?
  2. Why do I not feel safe?
  3. Is it time to move (on)?

If the answers have legitimate reasons that can be explained in a logical concise way, meaning they are not “Cause”, “ach, I don’t know, “Grr’ (though, that can be logical and concise), I have to then make a decision that is best for me.

There’s nothing wrong with moving on if no one is going to get hurt in the process. And really, home is where the heart is and if there isn’t any heart, there isn’t any warmth. And if there isn’t any warmth, I gotta go.


It’s a great month for theatre:

The 39 Steps at Parkside Players (Check out Ian’s post)

Cheryl King in Grapefruit as part of the Wired Arts Fest at The Secret Theatre.


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