Guest Blogger: Nick Radu Reviews See Jane Give Up Dick

Sharing your truth is never easy. So I always have deep respect for anyone willing to make a drastic change in order to improve their life. Then tell us what they did to get through it. And See Jane is so much more than just celibacy for 365 days. It’s self-cleansing. Definitely check out one of next five performances! Nick Radu is my guest blogger this week and my, now, co-writer of Imaginary. Here’s his thoughts:
What’s it like to give up sex for an entire year?  And could you do it?  Writer Devin Preston went on that very journey and she has shared the answer with us in one of the NYCFringe 2013’s best one-woman shows.
As soon as Jane (Meghan O’Neill) hits the stage she greets the audience, makes them laugh and sets them at ease as they travel back with her to that year of chastity.  O’Neill breaks the fourth wall with precision and excellence, allowing us into the living room of her life.  It was so wonderful to watch Jane chip away at the block of life, creating the sculpture of the woman she didn’t even know.   The comical writing, O’Neill’s wonderful timing and use of Jane’s very own power point presentation was all wrapped up in the perfect bow known as Isaac Klein, the director of this charming piece.
The sarcasm and wittiness of this show hold your attention as you laugh with Jane, and at her, but the beauty and tenderness come through as we see a woman grow and change and find something she never even was looking for: herself.  Anyone looking to find those shows in the Fringe that have just the right amount of everything will need to be sure to make a stop at the Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre at 115 McDougal and check out “See Jane Give Up Dick.”  You will not be disappointed!
Nick Radu is an actor/writer/director currently living in New York. His recent play, Imaginary, went to it’s second staged reading at a backers’ audition and is currently in transition to a screenplay for interested parties. He is writing numerous plays and a novel, at present, and will be directing a staged reading of a fellow writer’s original work for Black Henna Productions.

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