Thank You! Why, You are So Welcome (It Goes a Long Way)

Thank you goes a very long way. Michael Roderick wrote an excellent post on his blog about saying thank you. Believe it or not, many people do not say thank you. Did I belabor the point?

This recently happened to me. I connected two people, both of whom I knew well, and I wasn’t acknowledged for it. I am thrilled that they will be working together as I knew it would be a good fit. However, I found out about it in a roundabout way. And it kind of hurt. Then I got stuck in my head and was wondering if I was making it all about me. Ian had to talk me down. Then I realized, a simple note saying hey Malini, much thanks, would have been the most professional thing to do. Anyway, here’s Michael’s post as he really nails it.

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I’m sure to many folks this seems like the simplest of statements, but I am amazed every day at how easy it seems to be for people to forget about it.

A perfect example: Yesterday I get an email from an organization that I am a part of forwarding an email from some one who I introduced to the organization. I took time out to find this person during another event, tell him about the event the other organization was hosting and in fact, bring him to that event. At the end I also took the time to introduce this individual to someone at the event who could be helpful to that person’s producing career.

So guess what the email was about? It was thanking the organization for introducing him to that individual who he has worked with on numerous occasions. No mention of me taking the time out of my schedule to help connect him. Kind of makes you not want to do that kind of introduction again doesn’t it?

There’s a big lesson in here today for producers at all levels:

Look carefully at who helped you get where you are today. If you haven’t thanked them, take the time to do so today. If you’ve gotten donations even if they were smaller than you hoped for, say thank you. If you were invited to a party that you might not have been able to go to had it not been for a certain person, say thank you and finally, if you have volunteers who are working for you for free, say thank you.

The more people feel appreciated, the more likely they’ll help you in the future and as much as it sucks, the opposite is also true.

So look through that address book today. Is there anyone you forgot to thank?

Let the whole world see it. Thank them here in the comments below. Use fake names if you want, but let them know you thanked them. That is what keeps the relationships going in this business.

I’ll start:

Dear Readers,

Thank you for subscribing to my blog and being willing to get my posts in your email daily, thank you for re-tweeting the posts that you enjoy, and thank you for your insightful comments. You all are the reason I keep writing this blog and the reason that I have gotten more readers and become better known over the time this blog has started and I am grateful for that. Thanks also to those who get my info by Rss feed or some other method that is not email. The fact that you still find a way to read and respond to my posts is greatly appreciated. You all are the reason I write this and keep writing it and your support means the world to me.



There. Now your turn:


One thought on “Thank You! Why, You are So Welcome (It Goes a Long Way)

  1. It’s such a simple phrase, but it does go a long way.
    Thank you for posting this! 🙂

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