My Birthday Thoughts & Gratitude List

Today I thought to myself, “Wow I actually made it to another year.” I also said it the other night all maudlin and stuff.  I’m still not sure what I was all up in arms about but hey, It’s my birthday. I’m getting closer to the end of another decade. I’m human.

Yet, when I woke this morning I really felt an amazing sense of gratitude.  The autumn-touched trees laid against the most perfect morning sky. The cat didn’t screech in my ear, “WAKE UP, YOU HAVEN’T FED ME IN 10 HOURS! Ian didn’t steal all the covers. I can’t really explain it. But I know you know what I mean.

The last year started off on a weird note. Everything I thought I knew about myself…yep not so much. I started to slip into a woe is me (an oh too familiar place that at one point led me down a dark road). Whenever that happens, other unwelcome guests decide to join me. I call them the my guardian Zombies. Once alive and kicking now just undead and annoying. Ready to destroy me. 
Yet, my guardian angels always manage to step in and save me…from myself. And I start with my gratitude list.
And that’s what I am doing. Life is life. The betrayals and forgotten memories of the past year are just that. In the past. I move on and remember all the amazing moments of the past year.
I am grateful for:
  • An amazing and loving family that continues to make me laugh and make me crazy at the same time;
  • The opportunity to work with an amazing group of artists. Thank you for entrusting me with your words, your work, and your secrets;
  • All the places I visited this year: Trinidad, Myrtle Beach, Montreal, Chicago and my upcoming trip to Raleigh;
  • Theatre Beyond Broadway – probably one of my best ideas;
  • The guy with whom I share my birthday;
  • And all the painful moments that were huge lessons this past year.
 I’m not perfect. I’m just a girl in the world who is a work in progress.
In progress indeed.  My next three projects are next month. I am wearing my Producer hat on all three.  I know crazy town!
1. I am raising $1500 for Pieces for which I am one of the lead producers.  (Kristen Penner and Lorelei Mackenzie, book & lyrics; directed by Shaun Peknic (assoc. dir. of “Once” on B’way).
Pieces is a musical about Tabby Morgan, a woman struggling with Dissociate Identity Disorder, trying to maintain a normal life while coping with the scars of her past. Click on the above link to see all the cool perks you will receive with your donation!
2. Come see Black Henna’s Runo Rimac in the EstroGenius Festival. Once the BH website is up, we’ll email you.
3. Come see the EstroGenius Festival. We are running from October 15th through November 10th. We have productions, reading, one woman performances, dance, visual arts, the works!
And thank you !!!!!

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