“Everyone has a role to play.”

CaptureThat’s what Ian’s uncle said to us on Saturday when we visited his grandfather. It’s easy for me to forget the many roles I play because I always want to best in whatever I’m doing.

Ian’s uncle repeated that line again on Tuesday at Grandpa George’s wake.  We were the grandchildren, the sons and daughters-in-laws, the nephews and nieces, the cousins, the wives and husbands. We were the family.

Grandpa George was a remarkable man. I feel very blessed to have known him for 16 1/2 years and to call him Grandpa. I could wax poetic about his many huge accomplishments made to our city in the field of print press and the unions. I could be in awe of the great photos of him with luminaries. I could just smile his decision to get his Bachelor of Arts at age 60 even though he didn’t need it.

I did all of those things. However, today I will revel in the memories of the countless rides in the back seat of the old ’89 Buick listening to awesome stories of the old days in HIS New York City.

He played many roles and inspires me and the rest of his clan to play our roles with passion and conviction.

Much love to you Grandpa and luckily I don have to use the restroom that we just passed on the highway 😉

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