Amazing Theatre Cities – Roadtrip?

CaptureI just came across this article as I was cleaning my inbox: 17 Amazing Theater Cities That Aren’t London or New York and I want to go to all of them the exception of Chicago. I went to the Chicago Fringe last year when my friend, Valerie Hager, performed her one woman show, Naked in Alaska (see below). I have also been trying to see more shows outside of the 5 boroughs but sometimes it’s difficult to get to The Bronx and Staten Island. And let me tell you, I really want to be everywhere at all times but alas I can’t. This article reminds me that 1. I need to add it to my bucket list 2. I need to travel outside of North and South America and 3. that I need to specifically go to London and Edinburgh.







4 thoughts on “Amazing Theatre Cities – Roadtrip?

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