The Eternal Space (endorsed by Kickstarter)

As always many thanks for supporting my projects over the years. It has gotten to the point that I am now being asked to be on production teams for upcoming projects that aren’t my own. This is great as it means that I choose the project that really moves me.

My upcoming project is Justin Rivers’ The Eternal Space about the demolition of Penn Station on October 28, 1963. What connected be to this project is that I am a hardcore New Yorker who lives for the history of this amazing city.  Grand Central Station and many other historic buildings are still standing as a result of the creation of the Landmark Preservation – created in response to the many losses especially Penn Station.

Simply, I am asking for you to join our campaign. Our goal is $20K!

What’s really awesome is that Kickstarter, the actual organization, donated to our campaign which is a huge endorsement about how much they love the project. We are also one of their featured shows in Theatre. 

Please take a moment to visit our page by clicking HERE

The Eternal Space Brings the Old Penn Station Back to LifeThe Eternal Space Brings the Old Penn Station Back to Life's video poster

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