The Experience is Sometimes Not Knowing 

Last night I spent the evening with a theatre company that produced a show of which I wasn’t familiar. I love seeing shows that I don’t know. I had seen a show earlier in the week in the same fashion. I received an invite and I didn’t ask what I was seeing. It was really pretty awesome. I walked into the both spaces as a visitor in a new locale. I stepped in and took it all in – the space, the seating, the set. Then I sat down and was curious about what was going to happen. Both spaces were not conventional. The audience was a part of the action, the story, and the show. Yet, not intrusive. Subtle. I had no preconceived notions and was not wearing any of my hats (producer, director, publicist). I was just an audience member there for the ride. 
However, once curtain came down (metaphorically) I was able to appreciate how it was produced, directed and promoted. I was also able to really appreciate artists telling stories. That’s why I love theater so much. Why do this if it isn’t going to move someone? Who knows who’s in the audience who really needed that inspiration. 

This summer is full with great theater. I am thrilled to be on the production team on some amazing shows. Continue creating and see you at the show!

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