Guest Blogger: Ian McDonald on Felicity Seidel Being a “Lucky Chick”

a38d952f-8684-4138-a374-6e5a42fb4a5dFrom the get go, Felicity Seidel’s Lucky Chick entranced me completely.  The show opens with a fairytale style cartoon that tells the story of a young girl trapped in her circumstances that escapes to join a wild carnival of color and joy.  That carnival parallels the audience experience as Felicity takes the stage and, through a series of vignettes and a motley cast of characters, leads us through a journey of awakening, questionable life choices, crime, sex, drugs, and rock and roll, culminating with her own redemption and acceptance of her inner peace deep in the wilds of Wyoming.

Ms. Seidel’s easy-going style and personality shine as she pulls the audience into the story, seamlessly slipping from one character to the next.  Particularly challenging is the sequence in Wyoming where she plays no fewer than five distinct characters apart from her own, without once betraying them as caricatures.  Each one had a distinct style, speech pattern, and posture, being so fully formed that I could almost smell the hay, whisky and perspiration on one and the engine grease, manure, and aqua velva on another.  My only issue with the show is that running at a brisk 60 minutes, likely a symptom of being in a festival, I was left wanting more of the story. I could easily have sat for another 30 to see the circumstances that brought the vibrant talent of Ms. Seidel out of the danger-seeking, wild child runaway that  began this odyssey.  Running in The White Box on Lafayette Street, Lucky Chick is a delightfully twisted way to spend an evening in The Village.

Performance Schedule:
FRI 8/14 @ 7:00 PM – SOLD OUT
MON 8/17 @ 9:30 PM – SOLD OUT
FRI 8/21 @ 3:15 PM
SAT 8/22 @ 5:15 PM
THU 8/27 @ 3:00 PM
Running Time: 60 minutes

VENUE #14: The White Box at 440 Studios
440 Lafayette St • 3rd Floor
(Astor Place & East 4th Street)

For more information, visit

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