Downtown Urban Arts Festival Features Afrika Brown & Strange Fruit Redux

Afrika Brown  Head Shot 2
Playwright’s Name: 
Afrika Brown

Tell us about your latest project: 

Strange Fruit Redux is a series of poem monologues mixedSTRANGE FRUIT REDUX Poster Art 2 with music and sio-political, pop culture sound bites geared to show the fears and frustrations of the modern day black man.   It was written in 2015 as a cry for change and the opportunity to create honest discourse about the epidemic of police shootings of unarmed black men as well as blacks dying in police custody.   It is my hope that the audience walks away from the experience willing to have dialogs that can lead to solutions and positive change.

What excites you about being a part of the Downtown Urban Arts Festival?

Downtown Urban Arts Festival is an extremely well-known festival.  I am more than excited; I am honored to show my work at DUAF and have the opportunity to work with such a great group of theater professionals.  I am also beyond excited to have Strange Fruit Redux play at HERE Arts Center.

What’s your upcoming project after the Festival?

After the festival my next project is bringing my new play Slow Bullet, My Three Loves to Manhattan Repertory Theatre, located on 42nd St., for a three-night date in May.  Also, I plan to continue to bring Strange Fruit Redux to different cities nationwide.


Instagram: @thelovelymsafrikabrown



Tuesday, March 29 at 7pm

HERE (145 Sixth Avenue – enter on Dominick Street)
Tickets are $18 at or by calling 212-352-3101

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