Downtown Urban Arts Festival Features Chip Bolcik & Ferry Limbo

Playwright’s Name: Chip Bolcik

Tell us about your latest project: 

Ferry Limbo is a play I wrote to honor my friend John, who died 21 years ago from a rare bone cancer. The play does not focus on the actual events of his life, but rather on the kind of person he was. This play is a departure from my normal style of writing. I tend to write comedies, and romantic comedies. Ferry Limbo, though it has some humor in it, is a much more serious, though septet play.

What excites you about being a part of the Downtown Urban Arts Festival?

The Downtown Urban Arts Festival is a big step up for me and my creative team. They are extremely well organized, and incredibly respectful of writers. I have never felt so important before! I respect the way they work, and how they treat the people they invite to participate.

What’s your upcoming project after the Festival?

After the festival, I’m headed home to Los Angeles, where I will continue writing the full-length play I’m writing about marriage.. Then I’m off to Alaska where my play, ‘Til Death Do Us Part” is going to be part of the Last Frontier Theatre Festival. It is my fourth year in a row being part of that festival.

Facebook Page:


Saturday, April 2 at 7pm

HERE (145 Sixth Avenue – enter on Dominick Street)
Tickets are $18 at or by calling 212-352-3101

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