Harvey: Meet Jim Haines

Jim-Haines-Face-2015Name: Jim Haines

Character: Elwood P. Dowd

Why did you want to be a part of this production?
I worked with Mary Lynch, our director, in a production of Lucille Fletcher’s Night Watch. We got along incredibly well, and created a mutual admiration society over our acting abilities, spending a great deal of our time saying ‘You’re GREAT…No, YOU’RE greater!…No YOU are!’ and so on. Mary swore to work with me again (shook her little fist and everything), and after several false starts, she found a theater group willing to produce ‘Harvey’. She asked me if I’d be interested. What am I…nuts?

What’s next for you?
Something big and beautiful. Hello…Universe?

What’s your favorite animal and what is its name?
A Great White Shark named Bruce.

Jim Haines has been acting for 3 decades, punctuated by years of ferocious activity in theater and voice overs, followed by long stretches of ennui. This is not a method of career advancement he recommends. He graduated the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Cartooning, which is arguably the silliest degree in Higher Education. He draws, paints, designs, animates, sings (kind of) and spends more time on his Mac that with deserving friends. In closing, he’d like to paraphrase John Lydon:’The only place I have ever felt truly comfortable is on stage, or in front of a microphone…or asleep.’ Namaste, Peeps.

HARVEY by Mary Chase

Director: Mary Lynch

Producers: Paul Morisi and Stef Morisi

Tickets: $10 General Seating (all tickets sold at the door)

July 14 at 7pm
July 15 at 7pm
July 16 at 7pm
July 17 at 2pm

Our Lady of Mercy Parish Hall
70-01 Kessel Street Forest Hills, NY 11375
PLEASE USE THE ENTRANCE OF JUNO STREET. Elevator is available on the side of the church.

Nicole O’Connor
Cecilia Vaicels
Victoria Lardieri
Jim Haines
Malini Singh McDonald
Nick Radu
Jeremy Lardieri
Michelle Ruggieri
Rich Feldman
Kevin Abernethy
Chris Martens

For more info email FirstStringPlayers@gmail.com

Flyer designed by Steve Morisi


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