August + HEAT = Theatre A-Gogo

IMG_3281So much is happening this month if you are a theatre lover, artist, or bored. I will be treating you to some more great artists this month who are doing fabulous art in their own way.

There’s many ways to receive up-to-date info and coverage:

  1. Theatre Beyond Broadway (“TBB”): This is a dedicated website to my current shows.
  2. TBB Fringes! is my listing on FB of shows I will be seeing in the NY International Fringe Festival this month. If you have a show, please add your event here so I can prioritize.
  3. The TBB Community page includes all shows from our community throughout the country (and world).

You can also follow me on Twitter @malinism where I talk about everything and nothing.

Happy August folks and see you at the show!

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