Join Me for Queens Writes Weekend/May 19-21

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Newtown Literary published my poem Catamarans. That was the first thing I ever had published. That gave this secret poet the confidence to continuing writing, create a blog, write for other sites and support others. I was at the first Queens Writes Weekend where I sat in front of the Unisphere in Flushing Meadow and wrote two poems. Those two poems kicked off my NYC poems.

When my friend, Valerie G. Keane, asked me to consider being a site captain, an old idea emerged. So where are my playwrights?  You are the one writing in a vacuum. You are ready to produce their first play. You have already produced a bunch of shows. I want all of you! I am hosting in Kew Gardens on May 20th from 11 – 1pm. Prompts will be given to inspire your writing and every Queens Writes Weekend site has a different theme.  Add your name by clicking HERE – I promise not to spam you. This is strictly for this project.

Click HERE for more information and the full schedule of events.

The fifth annual Queens Writes Weekend will be presented by Newtown Literary Alliance on May 19-21 at various locations around the borough where participants are inspired to come write for a few hours in a community setting. Whether you’re a first-time writer or have been writing for years, this event is for you! 

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