Frigid 2017
The Open Mic Downstairs 
Hosted by Dan Ricker & Mike Milazzo
Every Tuesday @ 9pm $4 at the door
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)
At The Open Mic Downstairs the focus is the stage! Sign-ups get seven minutes to try anything in one of the most supportive rooms in New York. Whether it’s a performance art piece, comedy, music, storytelling, dance, or something entirely off the top of your head, you’ll find a home in the attentive welcoming community at UNDER St. Marks.
Category: Open Mic; Variety 
FEAST: A Performance Series
Wednesday, August 2 @ 7pm $15
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)
Feast: A Performance Series invites you to the table for a fresh and delicious three-course performance series. Co-curators Conrad Kluck and Alex Randrup offer an evening of performances from the worlds of theater, music, dance and poetry, including a new work-in-progress staged reading by our monthly-featured playwright. We’re cooking up new works every month!
Category: Variety; Play Development 
Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret
Wednesday, August 2 @ 9:30pm $15
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)
Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret is Gotham’s Premiere Variety Show: Comedy, Music, Burlesque, Vaudeville, and More! Hosted by Canadian import Jillian Thomas; featuring Bill Chambers and Gregory Levine – and a rotating cast of the entertainment cream of NYC, America and Canada. Created and Produced by Rob Dub and Gregory Levine.
Category: Variety; Comedy; Vaudeville 
Caribbean Night Series Presents Award Winning Honduran Artist Panchan & DJ Lumar
Thursday, August 3 @ 10:30pm $15
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street)
Julio Lacayo singer-songwriter, best known in the art world as ” Panchán “, was discovered by the legendary “Don Remo” and Panchan continues to surprise the world with his diverse range of musical styles. “Panchan”, singer and composer of his own lyrics was born in La Ceiba, Atlántida Honduras. As a child he knew that he was passionate about the musical world and at the age of 16 years old he began to write, discovering that he had the ease and dream of becoming an artist. Panchan had the great opportunity to work with great artists like Sabían and several others, where they recorded “Como Lo Menea”, His journey has continued and he was recently presented with an award at the Garifuna Music Awards in NY. Panchan’s motto has been “Music is Life”, because for him it is the best medium of communication that can be transmitted anywhere in the world without needing.
Category: Music; Caribbean
Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off!
Sunday, August 6 @ 8pm $10 in advance; $15 at the door
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street)
Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off! features NYC’s funniest female comics and sassiest burlesque acts. Past performers have been featured in films, seen on TV, and perform at venues all over the world. This is a fast paced sexy show, exploding with talent.
Category: Comedy; Burlesque
Pretty Bad
Thursday, August 10 @ 10pm $15
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street)
Pretty Bad is a show that pairs professional models with professional comedians to make imperfect improv under perfectly funny circumstances.
Category: Comedy; Improv
Saturday, August 12 @ 2:30pm $15; $5 for kids under 12
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street)
CHALK is a playful and poignant one-man show guaranteed to delight audiences of all ages. Chalk invites audiences into a hand-drawn world where imagination is made real and anything can happen. Charlie Chaplin meets Harold and the Purple Crayon in this feel-good romantic romp sure to “Draw You In.”
Category: Solo Show; Kids; Family Friendly 
A Brief History of Beer
Saturday, August 12 @ 10:30pm $12
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)
A Brief History of Beer is a one hour drinkeractive comedy where the audience travels through time with William Glenn and Trish Parry, all the way back to Ancient Sumeria, through to today, on a mission to save beer from a mysterious nefarious person! Each month has a different theme so you can always come back and fill your cup with beery knowledge and fun!
Category: Comedy; Food & Drink
Cabaret Showdown: Winners Showcase
Sunday, August 13 @ 5:30pm $10
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street)
Join last month’s winner of the Cabaret Showdown as they star in their own show!
Category: Cabaret; Music
The Cabaret Showdown
Hosted by Mark McDaniels 
Sunday, August 13 @ 7pm  $12 (includes a free drink)
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street) 
Do you have what it takes to be a cabaret champion? Contestants compete for the chance to star in their own show or cabaret. Come out and join the fun! Whether you are a contestant or in the audience you are guaranteed to have a blast. Category: Cabaret; Music; Game Show
Caribbean Nights Series Presents Haitian Artist Smax Music
Thursday, August 17 @ 10:30pm $15
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street) 
The Smax Music sound is described as a mix of Caribbean Rock/Groove and Acoustic Soul. Music that serves multiple purposes for the listener. His album and live experience soothes the soul, inspires peace of mind, keeps the body moving and calms the spirit simultaneously. Music is the tool Smax Music uses to convey the Enjoy Life message, an uplifting experience every time. Category: Music; Caribbean 
Thank You, Robot
Friday, August 18 @ 10:30pm $5
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)
A showcase for independent and established improv teams. For each show, two teams join Thank You, Robot to perform sets of unscripted comedy, never seen before and never to be seen again. Category: Comedy; Improv
Saturday, August 19 @ 10:30pm $10
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)
LO-FI NYC is a live taping of the comedy show you always dreamed of. Recorded only on iPhones and a 10-year-old Sony handicam, this fast-paced trash heap of a show features the best sketch, stand up, hammer giveaways and musicians from the big apple and beyond. It’s like The Muppet Show, but there aren’t any puppets and everyone is drunk.
Category: Comedy
Reggae Hip Hop Series Presents HYMM Legendary
Thursday, August 24 @ 10:30pm $15
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street)
HYMM Legendary is an aspiring young rapidly rising Reggae artist infusing a Hip Hop flavor and a very stylistic appealing message carrying form of music. With great passion, on a mission to be one of the best to ever make music HYMM’s sound ranges anywhere from Dancehall, Hip Hop, R&B, Country, Soul, and Reggaesoul.
Category: Music: Reggae; Hip Hop
The Varietal Hour
Friday, August 25 @ 10:30pm $10
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)
The Varietal Hour showcases a diverse collection of talent from around the city. Host and two-time Tony Award rehearsal attendee Lucas Womack splits a bottle of wine with guests as they perform anything from stand up to soft shoe, from storytelling to juggling, and very little in between. Or maybe all of it. Join us as we celebrate variety and varietals!
Category: Variety; Food & Drink
Comic Sutra Saturday
Saturday, August 26 @ 10:30pm $10
UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place) 
Join us on an endless journey, where desire meets dick jokes, all under the guise of Eastern mysticism. Allow us to re-open those chakras deep inside you and be embraced by our tantalizing, tantric tales and tunes. Comedy. Music. The Unknown. Only at COMIC SUTRA SATURDAYS! Category: Comedy
Sali Squitieri & Scotch Bonnet Radio Music Series
Thursday, August 31 @ 10:30pm $15
The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street)
Scotch Bonnet Radio manages a variety of artists and will showcase two abundantly talented Jamaican artists with a Night of Reggae Dance Hall with Nigel Stephens and King Lord. Category: Music; Reggae
FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade is a theater development group with a focus on new work that produces a massive quantity of stimulating downtown theater every season. FRIGID’s Resident Artist Program offers a home to a select group of Independent theater artists, pooling together a great deal of talent and energy. FRIGID New York grew out of the annual FRIGID Festival, the first and only festival of its kind in New York City to offer artists 100% of their box office proceeds, and Horse Trade Theater Group, a self-sustaining theater development and management group.

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