Meet Gabri Christa & Magdalena


MAGDALENA_PROMO-.jpgName: Gabri Christa

Tell us about you. 

I am an artist who uses whatever media that is appropriate to communicate an idea. I come from choreography as my background but mostly use film and other media these days. I was born and raised in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean. I seek to create an understanding of our humanity through art.

Tell us about your current project? 

My current project is a multimedia work called “Magdalena” inspired by my mother’s life and her struggle with dementia.

Where are you performing your show and why is it a good fit for your production? 

I’m performing at Theaterlab in Midtown. The work is created for intimate spaces (not necessarily for traditional venueGs) and Theaterlab as a small intimate venue with a history of presenting experimental and multimedia work which makes it a great fit for this project. I can stay through to the vision of the work in that space.

What’s next for you? 

I’ll be touring this piece for at least the next two years. I have been also awarded the Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health so this coming year I will learn a lot more about the brain and aging in a global context. I also will be working on a feature film (that takes long) and some smaller dance-films about aging.

What is the name of the last show you saw? 

The last show I saw was a studio showing at the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam.

Any advice for your peers?
Make what you believe in and the rest will follow.

Show Information: 

Dates: September 11-15 and 19-22, 2018

Venue: Theaterlab (357 West 36th Street, 3rd floor, NYC)


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