LOVE DRUNK is back this Sunday, June 2nd at The Drama League @matthewklein316

Unlimited mimosas + bacon cheddar biscuits + theatre = LOVE DRUNK! 

Brunch it up and get an hour of entertainment on top of it with six new short plays from three badass writers in Heather Antos, David Rosen, and Ben Dworken!  Have fun, support some new work, maybe get full and/or just the right amount of tipsy to have an awesome rest of your Sunday. AND I’m directing! I’m super pumped for SPILT MILK by Heather Antos featuring Jeannine Frumess and Jeremy Cohen, who are going to make everyone in the audience want marshmallows (you’ll get it if you come out).

For more, check out the event on FB here.
Sunday, June 2nd, 2019

Stewart F. Lane & Bonnie Comley Studio Lab
The Drama League
32 Avenue of the Americas
(Near the A/C/E/Q/R/N Canal Street Station and the 1 Train Franklin Street stop)


Jackson, Chuck and the Duchess: Nomenclature and Relationships In Bank Heist Preparation
Written by David Rosen
Directed by Richard Aven
Featuring John DiMino, Zach Evenson, and Kathleen O’Neill

Spilt Milk
Written by Heather Antos
Directed by Matthew Klein
Featuring Jeremy Cohen and Jeannine Frumess

Just Like A Tattoo
Written by Ben Dworken
Directed by Anna Rebek
Featuring Veracity Butcher, Peter Coleman, Faith Connor, Hannah Inez Howzdy, Thomas Metelski and Cheryl Bear.

Untitled Piece #6
Written by David Rosen
Directed by Emerie Snyder

Little Hazel And Her Sisters
Written by Ben Dworken
Directed by Lauren Miller
Featuring Lindsey Alter, Kayla Hendry, Jaclyn Licht, Bria Melendez, and Valerie Terranova

Written by Heather Antos
Directed by Kelly Monroe Johnston
Featuring Jeremy Cohen, Joshua Drew Fowler, Jeannine Frumess and Bridget Cosgrove

$15 Suggested Donation at the doo

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