United Solo: Shield Maiden by Melanie Teichroeb

Breakout Canadian playwright/actor, Melanie Teichroeb, brings her solo show to United Solo’s Tenth Anniversary season on October 31, 2019 at 7:30pm. Travel back to tenth century Sweden for a Norse RED Talk. Think TED Talks with a Viking twist. Viking warrior, Ingrid, worked hard to get where she is.
But it’s lonely at the top. She’s looking for the courageous and honourable to join her. You know, folks who know how to have fun and don’t mind the notion of a little death. This warrior is battle hardened but cracks in her emotional armour reveal a struggle with forces beyond her control. Rage, Sexuality, equality, grief and trauma are addressed with humour and compassion. Modern women can learn from Ingrid.

SHIELD MAIDEN is a clarion call that empowers everyone, especially women, to find their inner warrior. It also
invites men to be allies in the battle for equality. This fiery and funny feminist play is a response to #MeToo and #TimesUp. This play sells out festivals. Don’t miss out!

Shield Maiden Play

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