Unstuck Runs thru 2/23 at The Tank


Ever been afraid to use the word ‘delectable’ in a sentence after JonBenet Ramsey said it the night before she was murdered in the JonBenet Ramsey Lifetime Original Movie? Ever have to shout ‘green car green car green car’ every time a green car zooms down the street? I’m gonna be real– if so, you might have OCD. Like me! Hi, I’m Olivia Levine and I suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. We’ve all heard about the classic stuff– the hand washing, the touching, the counting. But most of us haven’t heard about other ways it can manifest. Like a fear of accidentally causing violent harm to a loved one, the fear that using a particular word might result in the death of your best friend. Killing people with your vagina germs! Accidentally impregnating your mother! The list goes on! And the list looks WILDY different from person to person. Unstuck: A One Woman Show About Growing Up With OCD explores the comedy, the tragedy and the beauty of a very misunderstood and under-represented disorder. 

Writer/Performer: Olivia Levine
Director: Molly Rose Heller
Stage Manager: Isaac Jiffar
Lighting Designer: Charlotte McPherson
Sound Designer: Margaret Montagna
Press Agent: Andrea Alton
Producers: Tavine Productions, Inc.
Graphic Design: Randy Blair
Poster Photography: Josephine Bradlee

Olivia Levine is a queer actor, comedian and writer based in NYC. Originally from San Francisco, she moved to NYC for college, and received her B.A. in Theatre from Barnard College. Other training includes The Studio/NYC, UCB, and RADA. Recent theatre credits include SF Playhouse’s The Daughters (dir. Jessica Holt) and the world premiere of Honors Students at Wild Project (dir. Leta Tremblay), which received two New York Innovative Theatre Award nominations. Film credits include Tallulah opposite Allison Janney, and I Hate Kids with Tituss Burgess and Tom Everett Scott. You can catch Olivia in her monthly comedy show at The Stonewall Inn called I Think We’re Alone Now. www.olivia-levine.com

Director Molly Rose Heller is a multi-disciplinary, queer theatre-maker based in NYC. Select directing credits include: Notes from the Basement (Watermill Center Residency, Corkscrew Festival, Center at West Park, Dixon Place), Lalabala Project (Watermill Center Residency, 3rd Annual Kathmandu International Children’s Theatre Festival), Existential Questions of the 21st Century (Green Room 42), Olivia K’s Planet Joy (City Winery), The Crucible (BEDLAM, observership), Cannibal Galaxy: a love story (New Ohio, asst dir.), and Missing Gemini (Winner: Best Direction at Strawberry Theatre Festival). Other credits include Imagining the Imaginary Invalid (La Mama) and book/lyrics for Plath (FringeNYC). Molly graduated Magna Cum Laude with Departmental Honors for a B.A. in Theatre and Drama Arts from Columbia University and a B.A. in Modern Jewish Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/olivialevine19
Facebook: www.facebook.com/olivialevineartist
Twitter: www.twitter.com/OliviaLevine11

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