Statuses During Theatre Shut Down for March 2020

Comedy albums:Myq Kaplan (we’ll announce this Monday but I can send to you upon request)

Kelli DunhamNot The Gym Teacher

Grant LyonScheduled Fun Time

Jim TewsOatmeal

Cherith Fuller, Cool, Chill Girl

Comedic Web Series:

Two-MaraTherapy with Pami

Feminist Short Films:

Travis by Melissa Stephens and Leslye Headland (advisory: discussion of assault)

Tingle Monsters by Alexandra Serio


Family Ghosts with Sam Dingman

First Draft with Sarah Enni

General Activity:

Mara Wilson is voicing this one:

Amber Rollo continues to write poignant op-eds and is gearing up for her TV show about binge-watching tv, Binge There, Done That

NYC Postponed/ Currently Canceled events:

Raquel Cion‘s David Bowie alt-cabaret

Amy Marcs’ solo breast cancer show

The Giving Tree dance festival

Pink Hulk featuring Valerie David

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