What I Learned from Hurricane Sandy

First off, much love and thoughts go out to those who were affected by Sandy.

Second, here’s what I learned from Sandy:

1. The howl of the wind is pretty frightening.

2. Always have extra snacks because it never fails. The craving and necessity of Cherry Garcia and Funyons at 1am is undying.

3. My sweet haven, Rockaway Beach, has been damaged. Maybe having a bungalow out there isn’t such a good idea.

4. Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Christie have two very different styles of leadership.

5. When the feeling of stir crazy starts to set in, just open the window for 5 minutes.

6. Thank god for the internet and cell phones. For those who think technology is the devil, those were back-up resources to landlines that were down.

7. I am happy I live on a hill and will remember that when I walk home in disgust.

8. New Yorkers are resilient.

9. When times are tough, the outpouring of love and support exists.

10. If there was ever a doubt of something bigger than us, hmmm, I’d say this hurricane reminded us.