Meet Ashley Jacobson & Elizabeth Sarkady and SEX

maeweststartsonjailterm_1_orig.jpgName: Ashley Jacobson (Artistic Director) and Elizabeth Sarkady (Executive Director)

What is your current project?

A staged reading of SEX by Mae West. It was her first Broadway play and the one for which she was incarcerated for 10-days for lewdness and “corrupting the youth.” The play is the story of a prostitute from Montreal who struggles to find her way in and out of sex work.

Where are you performing it and why is it the right fit for your piece?

We are performing it at UNDER Saint Marks Theater, as part of our residency with FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade. The theater has a distinct downtown feel, as its underground and feels almost like a speakeasy. This is so perfect for a show produced during the Prohibition Era, where censorship was so brazen and artists could be arrested for the content of the work. We hope people will enjoy feeling like they are sneaking in to see something taboo.

What’s next for you?

We have a devised show called THE BRITNEY PROJECT that will open on January 4th at the Kraine Theater. The show’s tagline is: A look into what Britney Spears did to pop culture, and what pop culture did to Britney Spears. Its a highly satired look at pop culture’s obsession with and exploitation of celebrities, particularly young females, as explored through the very public rise and breakdown of America’s most famous pop princess.

Who is your biggest inspiration right at this moment and why?

Definitely Mae West! What a soul she was! We are so inspired by her self-made career. She created the roles she wanted for herself and defined her sexuality on her own terms. She used stereotypes to exploit them and to reveal them as shallow. She was unapologetically fabulous and bold, but also caring and philanthropic. She was a real trailblazer for women in theater and on screen, and we are proud to showcase her work.

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Show information (venue, dates, ticket info)
UNDER St. Marks New York, NY
Sep 29-Oct 2 @ 7pm
Visit or for more ticket information.