Meet Brianna Kalisch & The Anthropologists Save the World!

Name: Brianna Kalisch

What is your current project? The Anthropologist Save The World
Where are you performing your show and why is it a good fit for your production?
New Ohio Ice Factory Festival – Supports new/different kinds of theatre!
What’s next for you?
Not sure – open to suggestions! 🙂
What is the name of the last show you saw?
Cuisine and Confessions by 7 Fingers a Montreal-based contemporary circus company
Any advice for your peers?
Playing – being in a space to create – whether its kept and immortalized on stage or lives only its moment and space, is important and life giving. Find a way to do it.
Want More?
Twitter: @beekalisch
Instagram: @wandertheblue
Brianna’s is excited to reprise her role as Edda and work with The Anthropologists again! She has worked internationally in both Australia and the UK performing circus and theatre. Most recently she played Seline in the premiere of Anna Jordan’s new play (writer of Yen recently at MTC) A Serious Case of the Fuckits. She’s also recently worked on multiple acts for 360circus at Streb. And has worked with The Queens Theatre, The Garage Theatre Group, MN Shakespeare and Company, and others. She received her MA from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Show Information:

New OHIO’s Ice Factory July 26 – July 29 at 7pm
New Ohio Theatre
154 Christopher Street; Buzz 1 + 5 + Enter to enter from sidewalk
Between Greenwich and Washington Streets