Was That Random?

I love when not so random things connect.

Today my sister and I went to see Wicked (LOVED!). Before seeing the show, we stopped by Ken Davenport’s office – Godspell’s fearless leader – to pick up some promotional items. We saw the show and then had dinner. Having dinner post-matinee and pre-evening show is always a bit tight. I won’t lie. I was a bit annoyed to be sandwiched between a group and a couple (they saw Wicked as well). Once I ate and had some coffee, I was back to my normal self. Throughout the dinner, I could hear their conversation and knew they were seeing Godspell right after. As I asked for the check, I asked the group if they were indeed seeing the show. They were and so excited. I introduced myself as I handed them a few Godspell buttons. They were so appreciative. One of the young women asked if she could talk to me about producing.  I gave her my info and told her she better reach out to me. That was pretty cool. Smiles all around.

My sister and I then got on the train. I was looking through the Wicked playbill as a guy got on with THE BOOK! Of course, we had a conversation with him. He decided to read the book after seeing the show. Turns out he saw Wicked with the original cast – Kristin Chenowith and Idina Menzel. Taye Diggs stepped in for Joel Gray as the Wizard. Joel Gray is the story of the month in Playbill magazine. Laughs and gushing about the show until he got off on his stop.

Finally at home and sharing this story with Ian, he tells me how much he loves when that sort of stuff happens.  A year ago he saw a woman on the train with a Fela playbill. We had seen it a few nights before and it changed us and so he shared that with her. They had an amazing conversation about the experience of seeing that show. Well, after we talked about loving that about the city, we went about our business. I had to write tonight’s blog  and he wanted to see what was on Netflix.

What was on Netflix under Recommendations? The documentary of Fela from 1982.

Is that synergy or the full moon?

Either way…AWESOME!

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