Guest Blogger: Linda Gnat-Mullin Shares How Kisses Started

kisses-out-of-the-blueAbout a month ago, I met and interviewed Linda for International Women Artist’s Salon Radio. She was our guest solo artist there to discuss her book Kisses Out of the Blue. We bonded right away because I am a hugger. Those who know me know that I say hi by hugging. It does throw people off but that’s who I am. I asked Linda what was the impetus to transition to the area of wellness. Then she told me the following:

Plastic bags. The F-22. Cigarettes. Nuclear energy. Porcelain collectibles. For nearly thirty years as an advertising copywriter, I wrote glorious junk about serious junk.

In 1999, after a day of meeting with a big banking client, my brain departed for thirty-six hours. Transient Global Amnesia. When consciousness returned, the message was clear: we all come here with a mission and I was screwing mine up.

There were earlier, gentler communications I had ignored. You see, I had always loved intuition and powers of mind. Even as a kid, I was fascinated by hypnotists on television. Starting in the 1970’s, I had learned several systems of healing, including Reiki. But I didn’t see a real place in this world for a healer/helper me. The amnesia finally taught me that it was time to get going.

I opened my Reiki practice in 2001. At the start, some clients had a conventional response to a session: receive energy, bliss out, float home. Neat and simple.

But life isn’t simple, life is messy, life throws you curves. Other clients came to me with strange constellations of symptoms. Clearly, I had to see the body as considerably more than a briefcase for brains. I had to learn its wisdom. I studied several shamanistic traditions and energy systems, Jungian archetypal work, soul retrieval, past life regression, mediumship, parts therapy, and spirit healing. Over twelve years, I learned to assist people in releasing deeply held effects of the past without re- traumatizing, so they could live their truth.

Ultimately, I believe that earth is the planet of distraction. We come here to clean up serious karma and do soul-stuff, but we can get off-course from all that earth demands. So we can also create lots of new karma in quick order. It’s like being at the high-stakes table.

I wanted to offer a gentle reminder, a little perspective, some help in the form of a book. It took me seven years to understand how to write my book. Piles of scribbled, chai-stained pages attest to it. Finally, it came to me: write the book I would like to read. Kisses Out of the Blue offers twenty-two strange and true stories, with lots of room for you as the reader to decide what to take away. At the end, some questions. In this book, I am telling you true and sometimes funny stories about life, work, healing. Showing you what lies beyond the obvious.

Giving you an opportunity to see your own life in a new and different way.

People have told me that these stories move their energy. They love that I don’t tell them what to do. They like how the book widens their perspective. They read it more than once. Readers keep it near their beds, even under their pillows. This is good. Perhaps with Kisses Out of the Blue, any wake-up call you may require will be as gentle and inviting as…well, you know!

Linda Gnat-Mullin

NOTE: Kisses is available on Amazon, B&N, and other online retailers.

Reading and Book Signing

Sunday, June 1
The 440 Gallery
440 6th Avenue (Bet. 9th and 10th) in Park Slope.
4:40 pm