Random Musings I

Sometimes I have nothing to write about but I know if I don’t write something then that muscle will not be exercised. Mostly this week has been full of one timers for me.

1. I didn’t watch the Oscars because I didn’t see any of the movies that were nominated. I have been so focused on the theater and tv, I haven’t been seeing many new movies. I’ll wait until they are On Demand or Netflix. 

2. I saw Missed Connections down at The Kraine which was awesome. We saw it with a special guest, George Salazar from Godspell and tonight, Julie Mattison is guest starring.

3. I spent the whole weekend in the theater taking care of the audience and cast. I got to exercise that PR muscle. Matinee audiences are a tough one.

4. I spent time with my family which was really lovely plus I got fed.

Here’s what else is going on.

 The Man Who Came To Dinner is having a great run. Ian and the gang close this weekend.  Check out www.parksideplayers.com for more info.

I am also doing a reading of Pirandello’s Sicilian Limes at The Players Club.  You can check out my Facebook event for that info. That will be on March 6th at 7pm.

We are also in pre-production for Twelfth Night which is part of the Black Henna 2012 Summer NYC Parks Tour. That’s always fun. If you know anyone who’d be interested in audition or being part of the production team, have them email your_friends@blackhennaproductions.com