MAD MEL SAVES THE WORLD at Midtown International Theater Festival

MAD MEL SAVES THE WORLD, an intergalactic musical featuring a rock, pop and rap score – with Voguer dancing – premiering at the Midtown International Theater Festival on Tuesday, July 18 at 630pm; Saturday, July 22 at 7pm, and Sunday July 23 at 3pm. Book is by Gary Morgenstein. Music and lyrics by Erich Rausch, who also directs.

In this video, Sage Melcher, who plays Roni, sings her love song “Galaxy” (which she wrote); Roni is a waitress on the planet Marradia, falling in love with the human Mel Worthington (played by Michael A. Green), who has arrived to stop an alien invasion of Earth.

Mad Mel Saves the World stars Michael A. Green (Mel); Sage Melcher (Roni); April Armstrong (Lady Vesselika;) Nicholas DeSibio (Grem); Jodi Beck (Ambassador U-Vin); Mary Chesterman (Chancellor Jony); Justin DeSilets (Parm), Kenneth Scott Thompson (Mr. Tyler), with Asami Tsuzuki, Popra Nayakama, Aaron Mor and Nana Tatebayashi comprising the Ensemble. Richard Rivera is the choreographer and Bernard Prince Thomas is the associate choreographer.