Guest Blogger: Melissa Robinette Talks Acting & Doing

f078aa_7c0beedc29e84c058e46a8e0ae061cc8I meet a lot of interesting people. I meet a lot of interesting people in unique situations. Melissa Robinette is one of my favorite interesting people I have met in a unique situation. Last fall, our mutual friend, Doug Shapiro (Savvy Actor & Fearless Mensch) needed a few people for his class at Pace University. This particular session was on networking by being your own Community Ambassador. The idea is “how to enrich your support system in group situations and facilitate excellent introductions”. What fun! Melissa and I hit it off as we are both very passionate about being artistic entrepreneurs. And she has chickens. Here’s how she balances her life as an artist and business woman.

Being an actor is hard work. Being an actor, small business owner, running a small farm and Vice President of Actors Equity Association is easy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a union meeting, teaching, working on my craft, tending my farm, or attending an audition. Every day is different and full of wonderful opportunities. There is something to be said about having many things in life to focus on. When you are only focused on one thing, that can end up toxic. Many years ago I was “just” an actor. I remember sitting in my living room hitting the refresh button over and over and over waiting for the newest job posting. I was miserable. Recognizing this I signed up for a dance program. Rather than sit around, hitting the refresh button and feeling crappy about my dance skills I chose to DO something about it. From there I got bit by a bug that made me a do-er. I started signing up for a ton of committees at the union, focused on opening a marco business called The Biz of Show with Melissa Robinette, got into physical fitness and immediately my life was more fulfilling and the acting work rolled in more and more. My eyes were opened and I was hungry for anything that kept my brain and body working. With each of these new things in my life I no longer felt blue, desperate or discouraged. I was out of my head and using my energy towards something useful. Currently I don’t have much of a social life, but I am loving every moment of life. I no longer have trouble sleeping because at the end of the day I’m tired from doing things other than hitting the refresh button. Being a do-er and a part of something other than your career is vital. And leads to great success and happiness.

MelRob was born into the circus and spent her early years traveling on the road.  Immediately after high school she left her small town in northern San Diego and sailed around the world performing on cruise ships.  In 2002 MelRob came to New York City, booked her first audition and never looked back.

Currently Melissa lives on an organic farm in Astoria, Queens, New York with her husband, a rescue pitbull named Ruby and 6 chickens.  She started her own macro-business called The Biz of Show with Melissa Robinette.

Melissa is currently the Eastern Regional Vice President of Actors Equity Association.